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new menu structure to the right – click items to make their menus appear, clickables makes the quote reappear!

btw – anyone know where the quote is from?

how many of you played with Lego when you were a kid…or maybe still do?

i visited the lego site, and i can’t believe how out of touch i am. wtf is going on with some of those kits?! what is this?!?!

also note the bizzarro poll on that last page. what kid knows that kind of stuff?

addendum: after further browsing….ONLY WINDOWS IS SUPPORTED!! how am i supposed to program my Spybot and complete my 10 secret missions?! talk about Sea Monkeys!

ok, i have been reminded yet again that I-80 across iowa is THE WORST. thank god that’s over. congrats to adam and jen on their wedding and rockin’ reception! also that cake was so damn good.

thanks to grandma for all the peanut butter cup cookies and to mom and dad for steak and keeping my waterbed heated up for me. :)

the weekend sure went fast.

interesting what kids come up with. the captions are almost as funny as the drawings!

radiohead rorsach

pat: are uh, the coldplay guy and gwyneth married yet?

eric: no, I read in Cosmo, they’re on the outs

updated: now choose from 6 categories to sort hyperbolation by topic (loosely)

the first season is mine! season premiere is coming up!

this 3-day long head ache better be due to something other than the fact that i spend at least 8 hours a day staring at a computer monitor. if that is the reason, i am basically screwed here.

new look & feel. inspired by kyle’s redesign.

my parents ACTUALLY GOT ME SOMETHING I ASKED FOR!!! season 3 of ds9 is mine mine all mine! can’t wait to plunk myself in front of the tv and turn my brain off.

also, there is cake in the fridge. please eat it.

i am such a nerd. just created my profile on oh boy oh boy. also just caught up on some production news about enterprise since the season premiere is next wednesday! pretty soon i’ll be wearing a uniform to work and subjecting my coworkers to lectures on the inner workings of warp engines and quantum torpedoes. maybe i’ll even start a blog and post my nerdy thoughts there – a whole public forum to air out my social-contact–starved brain!

….oh wait.

today is my birthday. i am 22. i am at work. this would be bad except that so far i’m doing some html/css which is my favorite. i hear homemade lasagna is in the forecast for tonight, plus maybe some csi?

a shout out to my fellow september birthdays – mike, adam, riana, ben folds, harry connick jr, fiona apple, sofia loren, roxann dawson, walter koenig, rosalind chao, madeline kahn, baz luhrmann, etc etc

oh man, did you see that the rerun on enterprise on tonight is the one where t’pol is going through pon farr? oh my god!! yeah, i’ll see you there jon.

it is not allowed to rain on national holidays where you get a day off of work to supposedly go to the beach and have a cookout and maybe swim and drink a lot of corona and eat too much chips and salsa. but it is.