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man, i’m gettin all mushy. first the pandas, now this. but dammit, look at that little ghost! i mean, come on!


ps – there is liquor here and ben is in his underwear and kate got a pic of him being depantsed and jeff was a vampire and jon is wearing suede pants!!!

please mom – don’t buy the eMac…buy the iMac!!

uh, thought i’d better update with something other than my baby panda obsession. lately i’ve been building a new website in css – got to do some fun javascript menus too, plus the movable type-driven News section. other than that nothing exciting has been happening really. halloween is coming up and on saturday my new couch will be delivered! i guess buying the couch is really the only piece of news.

how about a recap of things past? ok? ok!

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more ichat smileys



i can’t believe i forgot to post this…check out the baby panda!


i love it when my checkbook balances.

stupid dvds are taking SO LONG to burn. like an hour each including verification. ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH. i want to go to pizza!!! mmm….bourbon balls….ahhhhhhhhhh

happy birthday eric! tonight we eat delicious cake and salmon (well, i won’t be eating the salmon) and cookies and falafil (maybe)! ah, 24 years old – next year is the big quarter-century mark!

ever had one of those moments when you’re talking to a client and you suddenly wonder if they have any idea what they’re talking about and then you have the sinking churning feeling of…no. they don’t. the fact that i do this FOR A LIVING – i am supposedly a PROFESSIONAL – means nothing.

do you also feel this way? read this list of client quotes. you are not alone.


the oyster looks like a good idea to me – but the price! good press across the board it seems..word is the price is going down.

my question: how do i get to my powerbook’s slot-loading cd-rom?

saw ‘anything else’ tonight, the new woody allen film with jason biggs and christina ricci. it was…awesome. the most impressive part was that jason biggs played the woody allen character SO WELL. eerie. also it made me feel better about myself, because there is no way i am as out there as christina ricci’s character. i mean, i could ‘self-actualize’ by taking all of the aforementioned pharmaceutical aids, but even then i’d have a ways to go.