Archives for the month of: February, 2004

i bet when people were thinking about modifying their cars, they weren’t counting on something like this tricked-out car. ok…maybe they were.

things to note: light saber holder on dashboard, extra droid parts in cargo net

the time: 7:30.
the place: eric & jon’s.
the show: antiques roadshow.
the appraiser: richard madley.
his hair and outfit: ridiculous

kara: pfffft! ha ha ha ha ha

eric: his name is DICK!

jon: i want dick madly!

eric: ha ha – c’mon now

jon: …no really, i need to get some furniture appraised.

if anyone wants to get me something i’ll adore, a safe bet is a cool notebook (must be lined and college or like ruled…i write tiny) or some stationery. i love paper stuff. this place – kate’s paperie has some awesome notecards and such. esp. splatter paint, xoxo, wallpaper, argyle, and polka dots from the carrot and stick press line. also i like the cupcake notecards, rexford holly and oooh…check out fizz and bubbles!

thanks to meghan’s blog for the heads up about the newest craze for hip(?)sters…BE zoolander ozzie. BE HIM.

working on putting up another site where i can log my dreams. i’ve got a trusty tape recorder and everything so i can get them out as soon as i wake up. i have some dreams up there already from the collective unconsciousness project, which i love but am too lazy to post to. this is much easier. plus i get to play with css!

last night i went to the brew & view with eric, jon, pat & jessica (2 high school friends) and their friend tony. saw elf and bad santa. it was the perfect balance of innocent fun (mr. narwhal!) and down-and-dirty raunchiness. much beer was had and i had a particularly delicious turkey & ham from subway – i think this is due to the inordinate amount of pepper the lady put on it. after the brew & view jon, eric and i went to el famous burrito for some delicious horchata and nachos. the only blight on the evening was the man in front of us during elf who was smoking a particularly foul-smelling cigar.

check out these drawings! they look so real!

oh man oh man oh man did you SEE enterprise last night?? when t’pol just like ATTACKED trip and started to kiss him and took off her robe i about passed out from (not-so-surprised) shock and excitement. i say ‘not-so-surprised’ because if you haven’t seen this show – and you SHOULD – the writers take every chance they have to get the characters naked or at the very least topless or in starfleet-issue blue skivvies. oh i love star trek!

finally got bookmarklets to work in safari. thanks macworld!

and i thought i never threw anything away! this is a lot of stuff. snowglobes? calendars? magnets? anyone?

i got spammed again. bad. ‘vioxx,’ some asshat bot put comment spam on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY POSTS. that meant i had to remove BY HAND 160 COMMENTS. this also means that i had 160 EMAILS TO DELETE. fucking spam.

the triplets of belleville‘ is awesome! i’ve not seen anything like it – completely unusual and beautiful animation, hardly any dialogue, great characters! highly recommended – this is definitely an adult movie though, there are some crazy bared boobs in the opening sequence…look at them bounce!