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‘the punisher’ was awesome. not in an iconic masterpiece sort of way, but in a popcorn michael bay sort of way. ok, not as good as michael bay, but it was fun and surprisingly funny at times, with some great explosions and fight scenes.

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i love futurama. i know you all love futurama too. so check out the turanga pages, a um, tribute (?) to our favorite cyclops (and amy too). pat, i know you’ll love this site. ;)

this weekend i helped eric paint his new room. it was awesome except that the last 5 people that painted didn’t bother to tape off the moulding, so when i pulled my carefully placed tape off (after i had scored it and everything), the new paint still looked messy since apparently no one else gave a shit. argh.

monday was andrew’s birthday and he had a bbq in the afternoon. it was soooo yummy and people brought food and bourbon slush too (sgmt and stef are, perhaps, gods).

yesterday i helped eric move (almost) the last of his stuff up to lincoln square then we ate what will probably be our last cross-rhodes meal in a long time and promptly passed out.

today is also the one-year mark for eric and i. tonight: cooking and ‘the punisher’, which i’ve heard is pretty good despite it’s craptastic trailer. we are so romantic, eh? :)

rolling hills sno-globe or creepy fish mouth?

despite adobe’s continuous attempts to erase the word ‘photoshopped’ from the lexicon, even the kids in iraq are tossing it about.

make your own sign

thanks to mike at for the link.

fark is running a star trek novel photoshop contest – here is my favorite so far: data’s first time?

engadget calls our attention to the stealth surfer, a usb device that will allow you to hide your web surfing activities…and get this – take the evidence with you. now horny teenagers everywhere will be delightedly burning these little guys in effigy, middle fingers in the air.

well, almost nothing. i laid around a lot and watched sex & the city and band of brothers. i ran a ton of errands while i had command of eric’s car. saturday night i hung out with my high school friends that live in chicago. conrad, brandon and i went to pat and jessie’s apt. and watched all of aqua teen hunger force. turns out that brandon lives all of 2 blocks away from me. 2 BLOCKS! we felt like total asses for not spending more time together over the past, uh…6 months…heh heh…heh… but we had a good sci-fi catch up (this is where we go on for hours talking about our favorite sci-fi shows and bask in our mutual nerdiness). he has an EARRING!! wtf?

greg storey at airbag commanded and i obeyed:

  1. grab the nearest book
  2. open the book to page 23
  3. find the fifth sentence
  4. post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

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I’ve got something in my front pocket for you
Why don’t you reach down in my pocket and see what it is
Then grab onto it, it’s just for you
Give a little squeeze and say, “How do you do?”
There’s something in my front pocket
There’s something in my front pocket
There’s something in my front pocket…

courtesy of the scriptorium.

today i received the copy of ‘the confusion’ that i bought for eric and i can’t wait to finish ‘cryptonomicon’ so i can move on to ‘quicksilver.’ though i do have to admit i’m really in love with ‘cryptonomicon’ and will be sad to leave it. wired is running this interview with neal stephenson about ‘the baroque cycle.’

check out the lego volvo that appeared at the ny auto show!

sometimes you’re just floating along, thinking everything is ok, you know, you’re just trying to maintain…then someone drops a bomb on you and you realize that you’re totally wasting your time and that essentially, you suck. such a time was last night when i got my first look at jon’s portfolio site,

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courtesy of cult of the dead cow, the lineage and development of the modern chopsticks wrapper as told by dildog. things of note: impressive character pictures and a nice little flowchart. is there a word for those character pictures?

i know this site has been farked and slashed to death, but still, check out this comic from the penny arcade remix project. it is my favorite so far.