Archives for the month of: July, 2004

this weekend i unpacked more stuff like my dvd player and computer. still no cable, still no internet, still no bookcases set up (so boxes of dvds and books are everywhere), but otherwise things are sort of falling into place.

saturday eric and i went to see ‘the chronicles of riddick’ which was pretty cool. i think i may have become a vin diesel fan. i know i know! sigh.

sunday i went to see the evanston fireworks, though eric wasn’t able to get in touch with ozzie and jesse. but, lo and behold, when we got to the South Blvd. beach, ozzie and jesse were standing right there! we battled the gnats and lake-bugs and saw some great fireworks. we all got faked out like 3 times by false finales. there were some kids behind us talking about abraham lincoln (you don’t know who abraham lincoln is?? our 16th president??? he looked like a magician is this sounding familiar?!?) and some idiots behind us shooting (illegal) fireworks off over a crowded beach in full view of the evanston police.

monday ozzie and jesse came over to eric & jon’s and we grilled some sausages and burgers and ate lots of snacks and drank a lot of beer. jon had a copy of the latest harry potter movie, so we watched that (after some confusion involving hooking eric’s computer up to the tv) too, although the opening title screen looked more like ‘natty notter’ since it was in russian or something. there was a lot of passing out afterwards, then some adult swim later on. saw the episode of ‘futurama’ where bender turns into a girl robot and the ‘family guy’ that takes place after the apocalypse.

today i finally got this one dvd project out the door…after a whole year. i can’t help but think that i would rather be unpacking or cleaning up the new apartment right now.

hahahahaha oh come on.

on wednesday i moved all of my stuff from the old apartment to the new one. jon and eric helped with the couch then mom, dad and i were on our own for everything else. we had my parents’ pickup and my grandparents’ little saturn station wagon. it took 8 hours to shuttle everything back and forth, making for about 6-7 trips total. things are still sort of a mess over there, but furniture is set up and the kitchen is getting in order. the new place is pretty big, so for awhile it will be a bit sparse. i am still waiting to find the perfect entertainment center, although that will probably have to wait until i buy a bigger tv. 19″ isn’t going to do it for me (hahahahaha. ha.).

anyway, ok, also i would like to get a bigger bookshelf because i have an insane amount of books. the bookshelf at the old place was filled – i mean, books shoved on the top and the sides and wedged in there and everything – and my bookcase at my parents’ house is in the same state. mom and dad brought up this coffee table mom got from a neighbor for $10 which is not the most attractive thing in the world but will serve its purpose for a good long while as i would rather be investing in like a nice reading chair for the sunroom, a ginormous tv, an actual bed instead of a steel frame for my mattress, a second computer monitor, a larger dresser and a ton of lighting fixtures.

tonight is a little get together at pat & jessie’s, then tomorrow eric and i am going to see ‘the chronicles of riddick’ at 1pm if anyone is interested. sunday is the big family 4th of july party at my aunt and uncle’s where i could possibly meet my cousin’s man-friend…but i still don’t know if i’m going to go. things are really messy at the new place and i don’t want to leave it like that. there is a lot of drilling and screwing and…uh, mounting…ok i swear i’m talking about furniture here. none of you believes me do you? *sigh*