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today i took my mom and dad to nate ‘n al’s in beverly hills for lunch (corned beef, pastrami, honey smoked turkey). as we were standing near the door waiting for a table i was kind of zoning out (as usual) and when i came to i realized i must’ve been doing the thousand-yard stare in the vicinity of this guy because suddenly our eyes met.

AND IT WAS BRENT SPINER. and inside? i was LOSING MY SHIT. but on the outside – totally casual as if i hadn’t just realized i was standing five paces away from DATA, EVERYONE. DATA! and he’s just, you know, sitting there having lunch with a friend like he’s a normal person and not also DATA.

so i point him (DATA!!!!) out to my mom (being sure to tell her to ‘be cool’) and to my dad as well (me: ‘be cool dad – be cool’; dad: ‘who is this guy again?’). after awhile we’re seated, and our table is around the other side of them and slightly behind so i can finally see who brent spiner (who is taller than i thought) is having lunch with…

AND IT’S MICHAEL DORN. WORF, PEOPLE! – WORF. and can i tell you? he is totally adorable (wireframe glasses!) and totally hot. and tall. and hot. did i mention hot? and my day? MADE.

you have no idea how hard it is not to ditch my parents right now so i can watch some ‘first contact’. seriously, i’m barely holding it together.

update: more trek fun for you – tng for comic relief, original series fun, my favorite episode of reading rainbow aside from the one where levar is sent on a birthday quest.

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pizza flow chart

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kara: (eats ham from plastic package)

kara: (and it’s delicious)

pat: haha

pat: i thought you had tons of leftover ham!

pat: why from a plastic package?

pat: (also, in my mind, you are holding the plastic package with both hands, biting down on the top and tearing the ham out cartoon style)

kara: all of the leftover ham is in the big pot of awesome split pea soup maria made

pat: ooo

kara: your vision of my ham-eating is pretty close

kara: i have zero table manners when i eat by myself

pat: my vision was more of an idealized fantasy

pat: so i’m glad to hear it

kara: your idealized fantasy of your girlfriend eating is that she does it in the manner of a cartoon animal?

kara: dude, i have to maybe reevaluate things here

apparently it’s impossible for me to have a bad weekend. last weekend maria’s cousins and brother were in town (billy took clayton and i to the shooting range on thursday night) then saturday was arden’s birthday party plus pat had the home-brewed beer tasting slash st. patrick’s day party at his house. sunday asa and glen invited pat and i for “adorable couples’ brunch” which turned into “angry starving couples’ last stand” when we waited over an hour and a half for a table at doughboys before asa just grabbed a couple of recently-vacated tables and shoved them together. which sounds like a bad time, but was actually really entertaining.

anyway – this weekend! friday night i went to glen and kristina’s for some nerdery – d&d! andrew and i rolled our characters, pat studied his dungeon master’s guide, we drank wine and ate mini corn dogs. it was glorious.

saturday pat and i loaded up the rental car and drove to las vegas. his cousin jamie and her fiancé nick moved to vegas on thursday and brought pat’s electric piano with them (which he needs to practice for their wedding). the drive is about four and a half hours, and we spent the whole drive listening to music (arrah & the ferns, the mix cds lindsay made for me, ryan adams, nickel creek) and looking at the scenery. i finished the invention of hugo cabret too, and it is so so good. also ryan adams? i love him.

we got into town around 5, dropped off our stuff at nick and jamie’s, changed and headed out for the night. nick and jamie? are awesome. they’re a great couple and really easy to get along with. sadly, nick and pat did not have the wrestling match that was threatening all night, but maybe next time. we had dinner at lindo michoacán, pat’s dad’s favorite mexican restaurant, ever, and it was really really good. pat ordered emergency guacamole (made table-side) and margaritas (really strong) and we stuffed ourselves in preparation for the long night ahead.


after dinner we drove to the hilton for drinks at quark’s bar in the star trek experience. pat and i split the borg sphere…which smokes from dry ice has something like 10 ounces of alcohol in it. we were there for awhile. jamie and nick had two beers with a long pause in between before we got close to finishing the sphere. while sipping our bright green drink, we noticed some people at the end of the bar dressed in starfleet uniforms, so pat and i got our photos taken with them. they were super nice, and turns out one of the couples (including the woman dressed as counselor troi who had a working original series communicator and really cute andorian action figures) met at a trek convention and just got engaged at one. they plan to get married at the star trek experience…which is where the other uniformed couple were married (on the bridge. saw the photo – klingons!).

with about an inch of green left in the drink we admitted defeat and left for the strip. on the way out pat bought a 6-pack of romulan ale (to drink while he and i watch ‘first contact’) and i got a starfleet academy tshirt. i think at this point i called pat’s dad and left him a long message (since he’s always drunk-dialing pat) in which i referred to myself as pat’s boyfriend. i swear i was barely buzzed. anyway, we parked at the venetian and walked to the wynn for drinks on the patio at parasol down. the patio overlooks a large reflecting pool with a two story flat waterfall. the whole area is surrounded by tall trees and it doesn’t feel like you’re on the strip. every half hour there is a media show to go along with the music – a head-shaped screen rises out of the water and video is projected on it, a giant frog appears at the top of the waterfall and sings, and the light show playing off the water and on and through the trees is pretty impressive. we didn’t know that the show happened though, so were caught off guard the first time it happened.

the singing frog

after the wynn we walked through caesar’s and the forum shops (saw the very end of the fountain show) on the way to the bellagio. we had drinks at the fontana bar, which faces the lake in front of the bellagio. we went out on the patio for the fountain show and it was so beautiful – definitely one of my favorite things to see in las vegas. we stayed at the fontana for quite awhile and did some dancing because the band there was AMAZING. they were INSANELY good. dian diaz and her band did incredible covers of awesome songs. every musician was fantastic and dian and the male vocalist have ridiculously good voices.

watering cans

on our way out of the bellagio we saw the chocolate fountain at jean-philippe patisserie just off of the chihuly glass and butterfly conservatory – i found the one thing in vegas i’d seen but pat hadn’t. we were going to finish the night at the rio, but it was 2am and we’d been out since 6.

this morning we loaded the piano up in the car and went to brunch, then i drove home while pat did some script coverage. he burned me some cds of science friday, the writer’s almanac and mark kermode’s film reviews. when we got back to burbank i took a nap while pat did some more reading, then at 5 meghan and josh arrived and we had easter dinner. maria made her amazing ham and everyone gorged themselves. we played a game of carcassonne, had dessert (strawberries and pound cake) then spent some time checking out various sightseeing things to do in LA for this week when my parents come to visit.

next weekend? warner bros. studio tour, the getty, hollywood sightseeing, and possibly the second round of beer brewing at josh’s if my parents are up for it.

photos from this weekend here

i had no idea that including a ‘battlestar galactica’ reference in my facebook status message would inspire so many people to comment! i had no idea some of my friends were such nerds. from now on my status is always something this nerdy. …ok i guess that’s not really a big change.

…due to insane levels of spam. will resume normal operation in a week or so.


  • 2001: a space odyssey at american cinématheque at the egyptian
  • peruvian food and kiwi mojitos in culver city
  • opening of ‘kaleidoscope’ at project: gallery – after much deliberation and another glass of wine, purchase dan-ah kim’s “bathe in setting sun”
  • peek into other galleries in culver city
  • drinks at the foundry
  • drinks at the village idiot
  • laugh until my face hurts at the groundlings swimsuit edition show (sadly, no swimsuits)
  • flaming margaritas at mexican place on sunset

bonus: to encourage my interest in jane austen, pat agreed to pick out a chapter of ‘pride and prejudice’ and read it to me. i liked it so much, he ended up reading me the first eight chapters.

last night i went to the opening of andrew bell‘s solo exhibit at gallery 1988. it was awesome – the gallery walls were painted and the ceiling was hung with orange and yellow fabric to match the theme – ‘burning desire’. basically everything except the largest and most expensive pieces were sold, which was sort of disappointing – there were a lot of really cute/disturbing creatures and i wanted at least 10 of them. his toys and skateboard decks are cool too – lots of fun creatures on his site!

2 slices of pink baloney, an orange, some gross squishy oreo. some powdered milk. i kept my packet of powdered milk as a souvenir. it doesn’t even say “milk” on it. it just is a little white packet that says like “Bernard (Copyright 2006)” or something.

eric: no abbreviations in scrabble right?

eric: man i can spell “faked” with just the letters i have

kara: uh…no probably not

kara: it won’t let you play like, ‘IQ’

eric: i want to somehow combine that with ziti to make a new dish

kara: …’faked ziti’?

kara: LOL

eric: like baked ziti, but… just totally fake

eric: or iew

eric: caked ziti

eric: that’s what you get after you forget that you cooked baked ziti

eric: ok, i think this is the progression actually: Baked Ziti –> Nuked Ziti –> Puked Ziti –> Caked Ziti

cecile is telling me the story of how her neighbor’s car got totaled:

cecile: trent are i were taking pics of my superman action figure on my porch and we saw this van going like 60 down cortland, turn onto washtenaw, totally out of control

cecile: then we hear a big crash

cecile: so we ran to the front

cecile: to see this teenager trying to drive away

cecile: she was stuck though

cecile: so she had to stay

kara: um…wait back up

kara: you were taking photos…of your superman action figure?

the awesome photo

update: more saul bass! a children’s book he illustrated.

the answer? they would be more awesome-er.

more saul bass title sequences including psycho, alien, the man with the golden arm, cape fear, and more.

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dire wolf skulls

sunday after i drove meghan home and we’d laid around a bit, lindsay and i were ready to go downtown again. it was hazy and a bit chilly and drizzly, but still probably a treat compared to chicago weather. we went to the page museum at the la brea tar pits, which was still awesome the second time around. i even squashed a penny! plus, we weren’t on a time crunch like last time, so i saw a whole other section of the museum and we walked around the atrium. i took photos this time too.


afterwards we walked across wilshire to the craft and folk art museum. we saw some really cool exhibitions – one was about folklore from around the world, and had marionettes and puppets representing major characters and archetypes. we also saw a katagami (japanese cut paper) solo show by jennifer falck linssen and it was amazing. you can see some of her gorgeous work on her portfolio site, but i recommend seeing it in person at cafam – the show lasts until april 27.

maria made korean for dinner (delicious!) then we drove to sherman oaks for meghan’s birthday party. josh made some really good snacks – asparagus and roasted red pepper bruschetta, summer rolls and meghan’s favorite – yellow cake with chocolate frosting. ruchi brought dates stuffed with goat cheese and josh had plenty of good beers to choose from. we played some wii sports – pat barely beat mo at bowling and there were some insane volleys in tennis. boxing was more fun than i thought it would be, and also exhausting. i was also surprised by how much the spectators got into the matches. there was a lot of shouting, like “the face! jab him in the face!” or “go for the body shot!”

back at home, pat and i watched some awesome square one tv clips and read some REALLY good comics – mark millar’s new kick-ass and i started a new manga, mpd-psycho, which is just as disturbing as the cover made it out to be.

reflections purple flowers

today we had in-n-out for lunch then picked up frozen yogurt and drove to the getty. today was very warm and the sky was so blue and clear – a perfect day for the getty and it was just as beautiful as i remembered it (see photos from my first visit in december 2004) and we got there just before the sun started setting. the light was beautiful and i took a lot more photos.

waterfall right this way

after the getty we drove right to lax and dropped lindsay off – her plane should be taking off in just a few minutes. it was a really fun weekend and i can’t wait for her to visit again!

lindsay, photographer

updated 3/2

flowering tree

this weekend lindsay is in town! yesterday we drove down to venice to abbot kinney – ate at jin and walked around the shops. we went to the beach and walked around the boardwalk and meghan took us to this place with amazing mini donuts that they make for you right there. we saw muscle beach and uh…some giant adidas shoes? maybe a commercial was being shot? (photo to come here)

remember who you are

at night, we went to pat’s and met up with him, his friend from newport, her two friends and a bunch of pat’s la friends. we hung out for awhile at pat’s then we took cabs to bar marmont. the bar itself is really cool – very laid back and i had a really good gimlet. then we went to boulevard 3 for dancing and it was AWESOME. there was a guy on stilts who breathed fire, a big raised dance floor, hawaiian bbq in the courtyard and lots of fireplaces. i had some, uh – interesting – conversations with some people…why do i seem to attract the creepy middle-aged guys who are really hot for korean girls? i guess i’m too polite to tell them to fuck off? i mean, he was married and his quite beautiful wife was like, half passed-out about 10 feet away and i was CLEARLY there with pat, so i don’t know what he thought was going to come of his inappropriate drunken rambling.

lindsay, jefferson glen, asa
me, maria, meghan maria, lindsay, me

after pat and i extricated ourselves from that awkwardness, we found everyone else inside dancing and already about 3 drinks ahead of us. the dancing was great and we ended up closing the club and i would write more if i weren’t still exhausted and a bit hung over. the girls from newport were so much fun, and i got to know pat’s friend andrew better too. we went back to pat’s house and hung out some more with asa, jefferson and quinn, until clayton, saint he is, picked our drunk asses up so we could go back to burbank and pass out. it was a crazy awesome time and i can’t wait to do it again!