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head/neck ache: check

overpriced junk food: check

rode every open rollercoaster in the park: check

Terry, Alex and I hit the Grilled Cheese Invitational and it was glorious. We ate so much and so many kinds of grilled cheese. Sorry there aren’t more photos – I was too busy stuffing my face. Mmmmmmmm.

i scrolled past this post on laist twice before i noticed the photo looked sort of familiar. see my photo in action here! check out the rest of the photos from my hike here.

I hiked from my apartment to the top of Mt. Hollywood, stopping at the Griffith Observatory and passing through the Berlin Forest on the way. The hike ended up being nine miles – about twice as long as I thought it would be.

One odd thing that happened: I had been sitting at the picnic benches at the top for about ten minutes when another girl walked up with her dog. Suddenly a swarm of insects flew right over and around us! They flew north to south, and it lasted for a full minute or more. We were both really freaked out – wondering if we got caught in some sort of Biblical plague or a horror movie or something!

Mysterious insect swarms aside, the view from the top of Mt. Hollywood is pretty spectactular – downtown, the Observatory from above, Glendale and the rest of the Valley…you can probably see out to the ocean on a clear day.

cat with baby possums!

laptop cat!

knew I should’ve booked those comic-con rooms last fall. knew it. why didn’t I?? *SIGH*

carrie fisher roasts george lucas at his AFI live achievement award dinner

in line in front of me at trader joe’s in silver lake. 90% sure it was the former hilary from ‘the fresh prince’.

as told by mike

re: this awesome time traveler essentials print by ryan north:

eric: hehe

eric: yeah

eric: i saw that the other day

eric: tempting

eric: especially as a print

kara: i like the ‘woo’ on the wing cross-section

kara: ha in this [print] he gives the chemical formula for synthetic birth control

kara: this is totally the kind of thing that would be great to have on the back of the bathroom door so you can contemplate it while sitting there doing your business

eric: mike has that one from questionable content that just says “mmm… that’s good poopin”

kara: i think that would freak me out

kara: i mean, i don’t need my BMs evaluated like it’s the olympics or something

eric: 6.8

last year i saw ‘this american life – live’ at the theater and it was fantastic. this year it was even better! instead of showing clips from the forthcoming season of the television version, this year’s broadcast was a live radio show, the original medium of this american life. there was a chris ware animation, a chris ware-animated music video of an andrew bird song featuring quimby the mouse, joss whedon performed a song from the ‘dr. horrible’s sing-along blog’ commentary, and starlee kine, mike birbiglia and dan savage read essays. and of course, the pre-show hangman and anagrams. the last five minutes’ countdown was especially clever.

my favorite segment was Act 2 – mike birbiglia’s story about letting go and realizing what is important…well, it’s about more than that but you’ll have to see it and watch and hear his delivery to get it, probably. uh also i may or may not have a huge crush on him now.

my very close second was Act 4, dan savage’s story of his personal faith and his mother’s death. it was heart-wrenching – there is no other word for it – and especially upsetting to see dan savage, he of the quick wit and tart tongue, struggling to hold himself together and finish his story.

the other segments were very good too and ira glass was his usual self, which is to say, clever, funny, self-deprecating and adorable. luckily, if you didn’t get to see the broadcast tonight, there is an encore screening happening on thursday, may 7! you can purchase tickets here and it is so so so so amazing – you’ll be glad you went to see it!

seek 'n spell

everyone who has an iphone! my friends over at retronyms have released their third iphone app. seek ‘n spellis a game that uses gps to plot your (and your friends’) location, then scatters virtual letters around you. pick a time frame, run around and collect as many letters as you can before your friends’ get there first, then spell words with your letters to score points. highest score wins!

i had the privilege of demoing seek ‘n spell during one of my trips to san francisco and it is a lot of fun. bonus: you’re outside running around with your friends, so you’re getting exercise AND hanging out. double bonus: everyone who is not playing the game and is in the area is totally confused and in most cases, really interested in what you’re doing. a great way to meet people maybe?

go buy seek ‘n spell! only $3 and totally worth it.

/shameless promotion

via i can has cheezburger? via ellen

this online museum is a collection of illustrations of fantastical creatures. very cool, dark, sometimes disturbing – reminds me of something from the x-files.