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i love this tortoise. i love how he gets in the cat’s tail over and over. i love how fast he moves on those itty bitty legs. love. him. sadly the author doesn’t allow video embedding, but you can see it here on youtube.

this is a friend of a friend, and it is FANTASTIC. just when you think it’s over it gets better and better. then the wearing boxes while flailing. then the HOPPING. you’ll know it when you see it.

just got back from drinks with the only other two ‘original’ interns and it was pretty great. jula and jennie, you are the best. never fear – we’ll get brett to stop eating eggs and we’ll go out for a crazy night of drinking and dancing! …not necessarily in that order.

Macgyver by Wade Schin

almost as awesome as the bsg – ds9 mashup, but maybe actually more awesome because it involves macgyver? dunno. but it’s pretty great.

related: anyone can feel free to buy me this.

thanks to ellen for catching this for me – i’ve been in illinois for the past week and would definitely not have checked LAist otherwise. you can see my photo of the orpheum theatre featured in this LAist article and see my other photos of the orpheum here.

conveniently, this festival was held at the south end of my street, so elaine parked in my second parking space and we walked down. we got giant hawaiian ices, pad thai and thai bbq chicken. later, i went back and got some sticky rice with fresh mango (my new favorite treat) and watched the muay thai matches. then i walked around and looked at the vendors’ wares and listened to the thai singers. i can’t wait for next year!

hilarious. and sad. because it’s all totally true.

via ellen

the sun is coming in the window at just the right angle, so when i raise my glass to drink, a big arc of light is thrown across the whole wall.

today at the ortho the woman at the make-a-new-appointment counter asked me a question. the words didn’t quite process so i had to ask her to repeat her question three times. finally:

me: [lightbulb flickers on. weakly.] oh! “perfume

her: yes – what kind are you wearing?

me: [slowly, still confused] uh i’m not wearing any perfume.

her: oh. …really?

me: [resisting urge to sniff own armpit] …uh. yeah?

Ashley, Robyn, Erin, Holly, Meghan and I met up in Las Vegas for a weekend of great food, sunbathing, and maybe a little too much gambling.

read the full trip summary.

i’ve been really into peanut butter lately – i think girl scout cookies are to blame. i decided to make these milk and honey peanut butter balls (i use the word recipe loosely because it was so simple) and OH MY GOD they’re INCREDIBLE! i highly recommend. only suggestion – use a little less honey and a little more peanut butter.

i splurged and got panda express for lunch – oh orange chicken, it’s been so long! i’m making it last as long as possible – sort of snacking on it all afternoon to prolong the orange chicken nirvana. i decided to eat my fortune cookie (when i go back to the orange chicken afterwards it’ll be more delicious!) and when i cracked it, my fortune read: BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVERSPEND.

wow. i mean – wow. ok. good advice, yes, but seeing as this was my food-related financial extravagance for the week…well gosh panda express. i guess i’ll take your advice and skip you next time. my arteries will thank me, anyhow. so there.

venture bros music by jg thirlwell

go buy this now. it is amazing. why don’t i own venture bros. on dvd?? i don’t know! gah! i love this show!

update: i listened to this in the car and, no joke, i felt like frakking secret agent. great driving music to get you pumped for your day!