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nikola tesla, rockstar scientist

this is on flint’s wall in ‘cloudy with a chance of meatballs‘. i totally want it. so bad.

…so bad.

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western tanager

great posters! i wish i could buy them all. sadly, i can buy none. flora fauna collection: birds.

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gemma's diary for sept. 18

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Jula, Elaine and I went to Disneyland for the day! It was a lot hotter than last time, but the rides (the ones that weren’t shut down) had short lines and we had an excellent lunch at Café Orleans – gumbo, delicious salads, Mickey-shaped beignets!

Terry, Jula, Tiffani, Alex and I hit the LA County Fair and had a good time – except for the 100 degree heat. Spent a lot of time in the exhibition halls looking at ‘as seen on tv’ products, and stumbled across an animatronic dinosaur exhibit.

see alex’s video of fair highlights.

At Warwick, right around the corner from Jula’s house. After this we hit Barrigan’s for the $2.50 margaritas and giant tamales.

built 1919–1921
Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles

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friends, take notice.

i was going back and looking through my favorite’d photos on flickr, and found this photo from olivia leigh:

The Return of the Pink

it is the third photo i ever marked as a favorite on flickr, back when i joined in summer 2005. i loved the symmetry, the texture of the ceiling, and the different light temperatures. i was surprised to see this in my favorites – it was so long ago i didn’t remember marking it, and i took some similar photos of the DC metro myself (it’s a big draw for photographers, i think!):

incoming train

tonight jula and i watched ‘gone with the wind’ (her first time, my second) and during one of scarlett and rhett’s frustrating miscommunication-based fights:

jula: oh my god, can’t they just hug it out??

one reason, anyway. after i looked at our australia/new zealand trip itinerary:

me: wow this is so expensive

me: i owe you forever

mom: naw

mom: you’re worth it

mom: :)

mom: you might go back there some day – but i doubt if we will

me: i don’t know if i will – it’s so far away!

mom: i’m sure nathan (your future husband) will want to go there

mom: fillion

gaze upon the most beautiful viruses you’ll ever see

when lindsay was in town, i admired her little otsu planner and lamented an unexpected side-effect of having an iphone – i hardly ever write with my hand and a pen anymore. i went online and bought the mini version of the planner, this cute travel diary that i plan to use on my trip to australia/new zealand in january, and a dateless calendar i’ve been wanting for awhile (just themed illustrations of gordon the fox throughout the year).

i was excited to get my new fun stuffs, but got even more excited when i saw the cute packaging – very simple, but it’s the little touches that make unboxing an order more like unwrapping a present.

cute package

brown, textured, cushy packing paper

stack of fun stuff

largest to smallest, paper between to protect cover art, stiff chipboard under the calendar to protect everything else from the wire comb

handwritten packing slip!

handwritten packing slip!