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chair socks?

not sure how i feel about these. they’re cute but weird.

i loooooved this movie! can’t wait to buy it :)

mind-blowing. read it here.

monster meghan!

meghan and her new monster hood/scarf at the unique holiday sale

the ‘tweet’ link is right next to the facebook link. now i will go back to welcoming myself to the 21st century.

from the web services covers therapy set by stéphane massa-bidal.


i added little facebook share links to the site – you can find the little facebook icon next to the comments option (on individual entry pages the icon link is in the info paragraph after each entry – couldn’t find a better place to put it). if it’s not working or the icon link itself looks really horrendous in your browser, please let me know. it’s after 3am and i’m not in the mood right now to check cross-browser styling. next up: twitter links.

update: noticing that on some page refreshes the facebook icon does not appear, and instead you can see the link text. annoying, but not annoying enough for me to fix it.


i need these, and also the balls to actually hand them out.

exhibit A: 2-year-old asian kid who is pretty darn good with a ukelele but doesn’t actually know any words to “i’m yours” and whatever, i did the same thing when i was that age.

he was posted on buzzfeed as a follow up to the 2-year-old who recreates taylor swift’s vma performance (original here), aka exhibit B:

p.s. taylor swift is the best.

The Sun

chuck lorre’s production company card at the end of ‘the big bang theory’ always has a few paragraphs he’s written about whatever was on his mind at the time the show went out. this week’s (card #270, after ‘the gorilla experiment’) is particularly amusing:

Jillian had a urinary tract infection…again.

That sentence appeared in my head a few days ago, just as you see it above. I have no idea what it means, other than the obvious, and I don’t know anyone named Jillian. Regardless, I thought it’d be interesting to begin a vanity card with it and just see where it goes.

Jillian had a urinary tract infection…again. Her doctor liked to abbreviate the condition to UTI. She liked to abbreviate it to TMH – Too Much Humping. Regardless, the road back to vaginal happiness was always the same: cranberry juice and abstinence. Thankfully, her boyfriend, Dudley, was always very understanding. He’d just smile, hold her in his arms and say, “Well, babe, when one door closes, another one opens up.” She’d always giggle and blush when he’d say that, but deep down she wished she had the courage to cover his mouth and nose with a chloroform-soaked rag, and then, while he was unconscious, snip off his testicles with the little scissors she uses to groom her schnauzer.

All of which explains why the next sentence popped into my head recently.

Nobody sang Bee Gees songs on karaoke night like Dudley.

after checking out these maps i’m really wishing i owned ‘jurassic park’ on dvd (had it on vhs, but i no longer have a vcr).

the credibility of said the gramophone’s best songs of 2009 list is, for me, compromised, due to the exclusion of cursive’s ‘from the hips’. it is one of my favorite songs ever. here, cursive’s performance on letterman: