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are magazine subscriptions a window to the soul?

moon ring

uh, last year, that is. whatever. ANYWAY, point is, nikola tesla was awesome and a genius and kind of nuts, but what certified genius isn’t a little off-kilter? learn more. also, check out that photo of him in his lab. there’s a giant arc of electricity crackling above his head and he’s totally chilling, sitting there memorizing that entire book with his photographic memory in probably 10 minutes flat.

also, a shout out to the totally awesome nikola tesla poster from ‘cloudy with a chance of meatballs’.

check out these cool animal pendants! i want the sloth.

oh god, hilarious. i almost wet myself at one point.

read charlie brooker’s column at the guardian.

via buzzfeed

Del Monte:

I love your little Mandarin orange snack cups. They are delicious. But the regular cups, while delightful, are a bit too cloying for my taste. So, when I was at the store and saw ‘no sugar added’ Mandarin orange cups, I was pretty excited. However, the ‘no sugar added’ oranges taste chemical-y. I’m not sure if this is the fault of the Splenda, or if insufficiently sweetened Mandarin oranges just taste a bit acrid, but I will not be purchasing this disappointing again. I would suggest introducing a ‘lightly sweetened’ version of your Mandarin oranges, to complete your product line á là Lipton teas.



My favorites from the year.

josh duhamel was on regis and kelly this morning (i’m watching it now) and martin short co-hosted. josh duhamel, a big martin short fan as it turns out, gels his hair up, hikes up his jeans, and starts dancing around like ed grimley. it was AMAZING. i used to think josh duhamel was kind of a douche, but now he’s fantastic.

new awesome webcomic!

Wash Board

honorable mention to gunshow, which ran this totally awesome ‘star trek: the next generation’ themed series of strips yesterday:

both via eric

I want these. bad. particularly the bottom center. science!

international year of astronomy prints

for being so polite and kind and explaining things so well on the phone, and helping me take care of three things at once. you rock. my day is already awesome because of you!


if anyone needs burn relief, come see me.