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luxury box baby!!

taken with my iphone and processed using the tiltshift generator app

cactus garden overlooking LA

7 Reasons to Love L.A.

a visual representation of the earth’s geologic timeline, including aspects of ancient geology we live with in the present day.

the prince and his katamari, by mark ellis.


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behold: the latest installment of the spitzer science center’s web series for kids. starring amy okuda from ‘the guild’ and the voice of wil wheaton. the setting: the giant ring of saturn!

tangent: as wil wheaton has noted via his site and twitter, there was a truly great line in the finale of ‘the big bang theory’ last night, and I’d like to share it here:

…there are man-made objects on the moon, put there by a member of a species that only 60 years before had just invented the airplane!

whoa. right??

snoopy, ready for the red baron

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Meghan, Megan and I hiked the Mishe Mokwa trail to Sandstone Peak, the highest point of the Santa Monica Mountains at 3111 ft. It was a gorgeous day, and all of the plants were bursting with flowers. At the summit, we even saw hawks(?) soaring below us!

Turkish bees make beautiful nests out of flower petals

details at io9.

too much text on here lately. time for a photo!

looking across the maze

at sweetsalt in toluca lake. she was sitting at the table next to the meg(h)ans and me with her friend and friend’s cute baby (who looooooved megan). megan saw her and recognized her from her voice. she’s way shorter and tinier than she looks on tv and also about 3x as pretty – she’s totally beautiful in person, and i don’t know, I guess on ‘psych’ she’s playing a police officer so they kind of downplay her looks? aaaanyway, she was gorgeous and it was a cool sighting since megan and i love that show so much.