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totally awesome. original R-rated version here.

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was designed to erode down to its ideal shape in 30,000 years. engineering!

no embarrassing incidents!

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Got up early – 6:30am! – for an exercise class, then Mom joined me for the stretching class afterwards. Went to the omelettes-to-order station and the buffet for breakfast with Mom, Dad and Uncle Denny.

Watched the fruit-carving demonstration in the atrium, hosted by our assistant cruise director, Mark (who is hilarious on the ship’s morning show), stayed for a bit of the martini-mixing show, then read on-deck until it started to rain. Hit the special Asian/sushi buffet for lunch then we went to the wine tasting. It was a pretty big affair, and the wines were delicious.

Hung out in our cabin until it was time to get dressed up for the first formal night of the cruise. Got great spots to watch the champagne waterfall, then had dinner at Pacific Moon and watched the couples dancing to Maurizio’s music in the atrium – including one man dancing extremely oddly.

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We ordered breakfast in-room to save some time, since we had to be at our meeting point very early in the morning. Our first port was Tauranga, and our first shore excursion was to Wai-O-Tapu Thermal Wonderland, a park where we explored some of the features of the volcanic area.

First we drove through Te Puke, the world center of kiwifruit. We made a comfort stop and I called Maria to wish her a happy birthday. At Wai-O-Tapu we saw the Lady Knox geyser erupt, then spent awhile walking around the park, looking at vast boiling crates of mud and steaming, sulfurous, color-encrusted pools.

We had lunch at the top of Mt. Ngongotaha, and enjoyed a Maori cultural show. We drove through the government botanic gardens and saw the old baths and bathhouse. We also saw a spring that was 1000° that feeds water to the Polynesian spa, which gets up to 40°C.

We drove on to Rainbow Springs Kiwi Wildlife Park. Trout are bred here, and there were endless ponds bursting with huge trout. We saw a lot of big fish up close, pretty birds, and redwoods that were over 80 years old. Apparently, for some reason redwoods grow twice as fast in NZ. We also saw a longfinned eel (called ‘tuna’ in Maori) that liked to hang out inside a pipe, upside down!

Back at ship, we left port and I read and had a mojito out on deck. We hit the buffet for dinner, then saw a musical stage show.

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when sound makes light!

watch the ‘discovery’ get prepped for launch! so so cool. I am not ashamed to say I cried at the end of this. I again quote a recent episode of ‘the big bang theory’:

…there are man-made objects on the moon, put there by a member of a species that only 60 years before had just invented the airplane!

humans are pretty amazing, guys. the things we can do are breathtaking.

a warning: I meant this to just be a post about the mouth thing, but then it kind of spiraled out of control. it’s kind of disorganized. sorry. I swear I was dead sober when I wrote this.

eric sent me this to illustrate some of the odd animals in ‘naruto’:

yes, that is a person riding a giant slug*. but forget about that for now! the more important issue (at least, for me when I first saw this) is: what is up with that mouth?! is that what a slug’s mouth really looks like? like…like…a weird puckery anus-looking thing?? I was horrified and curious. so I did some googling (p.s. do not, I repeat do NOT google ‘slug mouth’. you will get some urban dictionary results that will not make you happy) and found out that yes, it is basically what a slug mouth looks like.

crazy right?** more or less just as ‘naruto’ depicts it. but then of course this led to more googling and eric found this account from someone at UCSB (their official mascot: the banana slug) who rescues banana slugs from the sidewalks. s/he also says:

Banana slugs will also try to “taste” you with their mouth parts. They feel rough, like tiny slimy kitten tongues.

!!!! TINY SLIMY KITTEN TONGUES!!! who knew slug radula could be so delightful? please note the illustration*** on the wiki page of a snail using its radula, which strikes me as hilarious and I’m not sure why:

there is also a link in those aforementioned reddit comments to info about the pacific northwest tree octopus (which is a hoax):

shhhh he’s sleeping!**** (also I suggest you read down to the totally adorable comments about snails) this of course led eric to bring up the house hippo, which I desperately want. peanut butter tracks!

here’s another from the vintage commercial vault. kind of cute, kind of a few steps away from something from a nightmare. eric rightly states, “they shouldn’t be fuzzy like that”.


* OH MY GOD look at what that slug does.

** I enjoy how in that slug mouth caption, the author cavalierly suggests murdering the slug, then closes with ‘blessings’. …and by ‘enjoy’ I mean ‘boil with rage’.

*** another fun illustration by the same artist. he’s smiling!

**** sorry, this was a google image link; I don’t have a link back to the source page with the photographer info.

in bloom

justin chase black creates sculptures of robotic animal fossils! more here.

If anyone can tell me what this is, it would solve a household mystery

cameron got this for me in bishop, and doesn’t know what it is either. It appears to be a skeleton wearing an owl costume (it’s sewn up the back), perhaps made from a real owl. and it has a giant sucker. we agree it’s awesome, but that’s about all we got.

update: christine suggests it is the undead tootsie pop owl. works for me.

the new broken bells music video (for my favorite song on the album), starring christina hendricks!

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Meghan, Megan and I took a little field trip to the Getty Villa and enjoyed pretending we lived there, if only for a day.