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he was after some hot chocolate that had been spilled on the picnic table.

patrick’s point state park, august 2010

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Tried to type “don’t” on my iPhone & it decided I was trying to type “brontosaurus”. Weird, but still, I think my iPhone is coming on to me.

I missed the perseids this year because humboldt county and sf county are too darn foggy, but this video helps to make up for it!

last saturday when renee and I were downtown for ‘the lieutenant of inishmore’, I managed to snap a few photos of the concert hall. next goal: actually go to a concert inside this beautiful building!

curves and angles

sunset reflections

view on black

red velvet pancakes

from larchmont bungalow


union station, los angeles

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Renee and I took an impromptu trip to the observatory one summer evening. We got to look through the big 12" Zeiss telescope and saw the surface of the moon and the Apollo landing sites! Later, we got a beautiful view of all of Los Angeles as the sun went down.

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Breakfast in the International Dining Room with Aunt Linnea, then the cooking demo and galley tour, which were really interesting!

Spent most of the day on the Sun Deck – watched the cocktail competition, the ice-carving demonstration, and had the Asian buffet and a big bloody mary for lunch. Ice cream later on, then went to the live taping of ‘The Wake Show’, the ship’s morning show. Spent some time in the sun, then hung out in the hot tub with Dad.

Watched the replay of the international crew talent show on TV while we got ready for dinner. We went back to Vivaldi, and saw our waiter from the first night, Chicken, and talked with Shirley and Ken, some new friends from the cruise.