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do yourself a favor and watch this chap-hop offering, then go and watch professor elemental’s first video for cup of brown joy.

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by michael black

by justin majeczky

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these illustrations kinda remind me of ‘eXistenZ‘.

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via my friend vince, who is the visual director for a major department store. I think that’s his title. uh oh, that might not be right. whatever, in my mind he runs the whole damn show over there. anyway, I laughed so hard at this I couldn’t make noises anymore.

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I’d seen a couple of these before, but they are all so amazing.

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fantastically entertaining post by warren ellis about cooking. great recipes in there: sweet potato and roasted garlic mash and onion marmalade. ps, I highly recommend his novel, ‘crooked little vein‘, if you are at all a fan of his comics or also enjoy noir.

let it dough!

take some time to look at these. you’ll thank me later :)

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by henry jun wah lee

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as our plane angled across nevada towards las vegas, I looked out the window and saw something unexpected. we were flying low just above a cloud bank, near our final approach, and the window was filled with fluffy white. and there, pacing us, was the perfect shadow of our airplane, spotlighted by a triple full-circle rainbow.

the sun was directly to the right of the aircraft, leaving me (window seat, left side) in just the right position to see the shadow. as we passed different clouds the shadow moved closer or farther away, the halo expanded and contracted, sharper and fuzzier, the colors got softer and then became more vivid. I wondered how many people on the plane noticed it too; I wondered how many humans had ever seen this unusual and beautiful phenomenon.