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It’s been announced!

First, play this video with your eyes closed. Then open your eyes and look at this guy. Is he what you pictured?

(Linked instead of embedded to better keep the suspense)

Kyle Tezak’s challenge to himself? Sum up an entire book or film with only four icons. Posters of the selects I’ve pulled will be printed up by one of my favorite boutique printshops back in Chicago, Delicious Design League.

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Great article with a lot of beautiful photos over at designboom about tea caddy (canister) maker Kaikado.

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Bobby O’Herlihy created this gorgeous poster for a ‘Kill Bill’ screening:

Captain Wallace’s ABC Expedition for iPad – more info.

click the photo for more info about the Royal Antelope calf

One of my photos was featured on LAist’s weekly 7 Reasons to Love LA:

rosslyn hotel

Letia saw the slo-mo kitty and raised me this slo-mo chipmunk!

The eating is kinda gross. But the bubble wrap pool float is cool. And the music changes are awesome – PATHOS!

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Gallery 1988 – Venice, CA

See all the pieces here.

Hm…just realized all but one of these is inspired by ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’.

All aboard the Dinosaur Train!

By Chris Ware!

Uncle Boonmee Poster by Chris Ware

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More info about the film

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