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up and forward

stairs to the welcome desk, Sydney Opera House, February 2010

sydney harbour bridge

from the Sydney Opera House, February 2010

Google has a great animated logo in honor of the scientist – check it out! A single frame:

A shorter YouTube edit:

Photos I took on set. Full version at Lead Balloon.

candy-colored sunset

Los Feliz, Los Angeles

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by Gemma Correll – click to embiggen

Everything is better set to the ‘Inception’ score.

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Seriously everyone – I know I’ve harassed a lot of you in person, but you have to check out the Tobolowsky Files. It is an AMAZING podcast. You can subscribe on iTunes, but you have to download the first episode from the website.

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Megan and I headed up to the Observatory on a chilly Saturday night to see the Super Perigee Moon – a full moon that appears to be 14% larger than normal due to it occuring when the moon is at the point in its orbit when it is closest to Earth. It was breathtaking, and my only regret was that I didn’t have a faster lens or a rock to brace my camera upon.

Pancake for kitty

by Graham Annable

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Slide the bar across the photo to see what these areas of Japan looked like before the earthquake and tidal wave, and what they look like now. Japan Before and After Tsunami