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Behold! Snailboy posted up some Star Trek rage faces and HOLY CRAP AMAZING. The Romulan at the bottom is from my all-time favorite episode of ‘Deep Space Nine’, ‘In the Pale Moonlight’. I almost did a spit-take when I saw it. It is such a glorious episode that I might have to bust out the DVDs and watch it again tonight. (Did I mention that I have all of DS9 on DVD? Probably. Well, now you know. How much of a nerd I am. …If you hadn’t already figured it out. …….Whichhhh I’m sure you did.)

ANYWAY! Star Trek rage faces! Brilliant :)

And a Dukat, which one Redditor suggested because his entire character arc could be summarized as, “People who I’ve screwed over – Y U NO LOVE ME?

via Wil Wheaton

I know it’s cheesy but I love this commercial so much. I want a kitty!

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Megan and I hit the Spring Brewery Art Colony artwalk for the second year in a row and were not disappointed. The weather was gorgeous, and we took the time to have a leisurely lunch at the restaurant inside the Brewery; we people-watched from our table on the balcony.

Megan bought some gorgeous earrings and a collage piece, we saw some amazing huge paper murals, and lots of other cool things. It was especially cool to see what the artists we remembered from last year had been up to in the past year.

Fantastic music

via Cameron

Tuscaloosa, Alabama, April 29

Tornado Damage-Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Eric sent me this fantastic video after some discussion about this ridiculousness.