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By Olly Moss. More here.


clouds over Mt. Tamalpais, June 2010

by David Wolter

via Renee

lotus blossom
tiny petals
hanging pink flowers
freshly watered

Another photo of these.


At the beginning of the San Diego Comic-Con 2011 Amazing Spider-Man panel, an excited “fan” rushed to the Q&A microphone with an urgent, emotional message to share with the crowd…

A photo installation by Christopher Jonassen, Devour features the bottoms of old frying pans – very much like planets, yes?


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Illustrated by Other-in-Law, here is a beautiful tapestry-style map of Westeros, the fictional land of A Song of Ice and Fire. Included are a lot of easter eggs for those of you who are familiar with the whole series.

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Arranged and performed by Jason Yang, original music by Ramin Djawadi.

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by David J. Slater

Apple pie!

…kind of.