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Sometimes I realize I left the bathroom light on all day, and I feel bad. But then I perk up and I’m all “Hey! I’m the only one here to notice!”

…But then I’m all “Hey! I’m the only one here to pay the electric bill!”

I just made apricot chicken from Elise Bauer’s recipe and oh my goodness is it good. Took me a long time to make since I don’t cook often (and cook meat even less often, so I was worried my chicken wouldn’t be cooked through) but it was really easy. And smelled AMAZING as it was cooking! When I tried a little of the sauce as it was simmering, I involuntarily shouted expletives. Next time I might use a little less jam (I didn’t have fresh apricots on hand) and a bit more hot sauce. I served it over quinoa, because it was the only grain/noodle I had around, and I liked how the quinoa absorbed the sweet-spicy liquid so the whole thing almost became a thick stew. I’ll definitely make this again!

apricot chicken

From a contest for fan-created commercials for the Super Bowl. Allegedly. Even if it is fake, and is some backdoor viral marketing, it’s still amazing.