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Spoiler: no. Don’t do this. Actually, I got all the way to the end of it, so I guess I’m doing the right thing? …???!

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Yesterday at 1:30pm:

classin' up spring break

This morning at 1:30am:

opening some wine at 1:30 am

washington monument

Listening to Barack Obama’s second inauguration speech, and remembering back to that freezing cold day four years ago when Mom and I jumped fences and barricades to find a spot overlooking the Mall, to listen to his first inauguration speech. Photos from Obama’s first inauguration.

Already kind of blew healthy-eating today with that giant Red Robin burger, so why not go all out? I bought a can of cinnamon chip scones at Sprouts, and soon after jumping two feet off the ground and yelping like a puppy when the can popped open (haven’t I outgrown that yet??), I had eight AMAZING-smelling scones. I wish I could sent this smell out to all of you; it’s phenomenal.

cinnamon scones


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Tea at Dushanbe, ‘Brave’, dinner at Brasserie Ten Ten, hiking at Eldorado Canyon, farmers’ market, horseback riding in Rocky Mountain National Park, BBQ and exploring Estes Park.

On my itinerary for the rest of the week:

bourbon salted caramel and strawberry milkshake

well...good thing none of the dresses fit me, I guess.

Jason Wu for Target

I’d love to wear one of these tomorrow, but I’ll be freezing my ass off on the side of a mountain for 6 hours so…

I was woken up by the text from CU telling me campus was closed for the day, then couldn’t get back to sleep. So I laid there and pretended I was video blogging back to Earth from a preliminary colony mission en route to the moon. That’s normal, right?

In more Psychic Bunny/Lead Balloon news – the super-secret 360° shoot I worked on a few years ago has also been posted (probably awhile ago – apologies for not being more on top of this!). Social Animal‘s camera rig…was amazing. The SA9 has nine HD cameras pointed straight up at a mirrored rig, all connected to nine MacBookPros. It made for some pretty intense equipment moves/hides and cable wrangling, not to mention the challenges of directing actors in360°. It was a really awesome shoot and I’m glad I can finally talk about it!

You can watch the demo we shot, and a behind the scenes featurette at the Qualia site. Be on the lookout for me! I’m wearing a teal hoodie.

So remember that ‘Dr. Bonesaw’ shoot I worked on way back when (photos here)? Psychic Bunny/Lead Balloon took that footage and rolled it into a short about…well…aftermath, is the best way I can put it – starring the delightfulLaurel Vail! Scroll down the Lead Balloon projects page to ‘Still Beating’.

laurel, dead

(Also I am way way late in posting this. Apologies!)

Sometimes I realize I left the bathroom light on all day, and I feel bad. But then I perk up and I’m all “Hey! I’m the only one here to notice!”

…But then I’m all “Hey! I’m the only one here to pay the electric bill!”

I just made apricot chicken from Elise Bauer’s recipe and oh my goodness is it good. Took me a long time to make since I don’t cook often (and cook meat even less often, so I was worried my chicken wouldn’t be cooked through) but it was really easy. And smelled AMAZING as it was cooking! When I tried a little of the sauce as it was simmering, I involuntarily shouted expletives. Next time I might use a little less jam (I didn’t have fresh apricots on hand) and a bit more hot sauce. I served it over quinoa, because it was the only grain/noodle I had around, and I liked how the quinoa absorbed the sweet-spicy liquid so the whole thing almost became a thick stew. I’ll definitely make this again!

apricot chicken

Lovely weather today, and the trees (if they still have leaves) are all kinds of pretty colors. I saw this tree on my walk home from class.

autumn leaves

Late night snack

Oh yes.

delightful dinner