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hyperbolation will be down/look funny/be downright ugly over the next day or so as I migrate to a new WP theme. new year; new look!

update: redesign is mostly done – please post in the comments if something looks weird. also, I’ve decided 2011 is the year where I will stop not capitalizing the first word on my sentences. I’m going to be 30 soon; time to be an adult. …but I’m still not giving up my Blue’s Clues blanket. [middle fingers in the air; runs away]

these illustrations kinda remind me of ‘eXistenZ‘.

via buzzfeed

fantastically entertaining post by warren ellis about cooking. great recipes in there: sweet potato and roasted garlic mash and onion marmalade. ps, I highly recommend his novel, ‘crooked little vein‘, if you are at all a fan of his comics or also enjoy noir.

let it dough!

take some time to look at these. you’ll thank me later :)

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read about it over at scientific american

read it at your own risk! via io9

read it all here (remember to read right to left). via io9

from the secret diary of (fake) steve jobs: hate-spewing “christians” need to listen up.

press here.

I’m dying over here, this is so painfully cute.

alien life on our planet! (sort of!) and more here.

I am in the cookie puss variety hour gallery on flickr. please please, hold your applause.

…something really wrong about the one with the candles stuck in the eyes, though.

the photo of jonathan frakes with tousled hair (and stonewashed jeans) made my heart skip a beat. photos here

autumn has arrived in LA – lots of wind, crisp air, darker skies. maybe we brought it back from oak glen? today I bought an apple cinnamon candle. holed up in my room with the new taylor swift album, lit the candle, and boom! I might be in illinois for all I know. …also probably in high school what with the taylor swift, but whatevs :)