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I love turtles, especially turtles that look like they’re having the time of their lives. also I’ve always thought turtles look like adorable old men, and kind of thought my grandpa looked like a turtle, so…yeah. I ♥ turtles.

check it out!

it’s deep.

from last year, but still awesome: 31 innovative, unique, and inspiring example of calendar design.

gorgeous gorgeous photography.

check out his portfolio – great collection of motion graphics pieces, including the HP ‘hands’ spots, and one of my favorite credits sequences ever, ‘house’. he’s also posted a gorgeous video of ice on his blog and has some beautiful photos on his flickr.

my friend angie has set up a webcam of her delightful bunnies in their two-story bunny condo. watch, enjoy, squee.

robyn sent me this. he says he’s unlucky in love! I’M RIGHT HERE.

not for the faint of heart. see it here, more info here.

from my twitter: OMG you guys – I just ate an heirloom tomato from the farmers’ market that was so good I almost thought I was back in the Midwest. #foodgasm

…for letting my car battery die on a day when I have hours of free time, instead of when I was trying to leave my apt at 630am to get to class or something like that. I recognize the good fortune of this timing and am extremely thankful for it.

by jason hernandez


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I can make a goooood sandwich.