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  1. do you smoke? not like, every so often you’ll have a smoke at a bar or at a concert, i mean do you smoke. yes? sorry. unless you have some pretty overwhelming qualities to make up for this, it’s not going to happen. overwhelming qualities might include: …uh…jeez. basically you would have to awesome in every other way to make up for this. and you’d have to agree to never smoke around me.
  2. corollary (sort of) to #1: do you have chronic bad breath? i guess it’s kind of shallow, but i can not be getting up close and personal with someone who always has dragon breath.
  3. i like guys with skills. guys who know how to use tools and fix things around the house or know stuff about cars or hardware or, you know, physics. if you have to check the internet when you want to hang a picture or don’t understand what an alternator is, we’ve got a problem here.
  4. are you religious? guess what? i don’t believe in god and even if i did, i think organized religion is an outdated scam. are your hackles up? in that case, be satisfied that i’ll burn in hell and we can go our separate ways.
  5. do you bathe regularly? at least every other day? no? buy some soap, hippie.
  6. there are these things called video games. are you aware of them? have you played any? can you name a title besides ‘tetris’ and ‘zelda’ and ‘super mario bros.’? if the answer to any of these is ‘no’ – sorry.
  7. there are these things called movies. do you go see a lot of them? if not, are you prepared to see a lot of them? no? i neither understand nor am willing to spend time with your kind.
  8. i eat a lot. and often. if you’re at all put off by the idea of going out and having a girl half your size put away twice as much as you, you can fuck all the way off. but before you go, i’m gonna eat the rest of your fries. kthxbye.
  9. sci-fi. are you contemptuous of it? will you make a snide remark when i get excited about something that happened on ‘battlestar galactica’ or when you see that i have all of ‘star trek: deep space nine’ on dvd? we will never get along.

i bought maggie mason’s book, and i am going to try to do an idea from it at least once a week. this is #32.

there is something bizarre and awesome about how cecile and my “girls’ night out” means pulled pork bbq sandwiches and ‘grindhouse’.

i’ve been meaning to post these for awhile, but work has been crazy and i’ve rarely been home except to collapse into bed as soon as possible.

robot + cupcake

head over to motionographer and check out jarratt moody‘s time-based typography project.

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mirrored on hyperbolation (don’t want to lose the link to this one!)

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update: pat & jessie’s photos

spelunking/cave exploring/whatever was….incredible. the single most exhilarating experience of my life. we drove down early – the drive is about six hours. mark picked me up at 5am and we picked up lindsay and katie at 5:30. we met up with pat and jessie at 6 then started the trip to wyandotte caves near corydon, IN. once we got south of indianapolis the drive was really pretty – lots of exposed rock, hills and trees. the final few miles to the caves was gorgeous – a winding road with trees all around that would part every once in awhile to allow a view of a beautiful valley or hillside.

after lunch at the cracker barrel, we changed into our spelunking clothes and met our guide, dave. we got our helmets and headlamps and were briefed on general cave etiquette. once in the mouth of the cave and through the gate it was immediately much cooler and surprisingly dark. the next 3 hours were spent scrabbling over rock fall, climbing up steep walls of rock and piles of snot rock (dave: they’re slipperier ‘en snot), and crawling through narrow holes.

at one point a sideways cartwheel-like maneuver was required to pass into the main room containing the actual pillar. pat, jessie and mark are all over six feet tall, and had some difficulty with this. for once, i was happy to be small; i could shuffle through it sideways (still very awkward and involved a lot of contorting though). once everyone was through, we found places in the big room to sit and switched off our lights. for the first time we experienced complete darkness; you couldn’t even see a hand right in front of your face. it was very relaxing and not scary at all. we sat for awhile and listened to the bats squeaking and flying around above us.

the way back was much easier and faster. we already knew what we could do and what we could climb, what slippery or stable ground looked like. as we were approaching the mouth, we ran into a walking tour group in the lighted room at the beginning of the cave system. they looked at us – sweaty, happily exhausted, and covered in mud (and possibly bat guano). we looked at them – khakis, gleaming white sneakers, tucked-in polos and button-downs. it was an odd feeling of…i don’t know – accomplishment? macho superiority? no, probably closer to pity because they wouldn’t be able to have the same sort of fulfilling experience we had just had.

we went to the restrooms to clean up and change. everyone’s knees were pretty badly and widely bruised, elbows too. heels of palms were sore and abraded. i got away with the least amount of bruising because i could crouch down in a lot of places where the others had to go on hands and knees. we went for dinner right away and i have never felt like i really earned a meal until that evening. the blue moon was delicious and the steak was fantastic. there was a lot of napping on the drive home.

i think overall it was more strenuous than any of us had anticipated. there was a lot more climbing and lowering yourself down steep angles than i thought there would be. at some point we had just half-slid half lowered ourselves like crabs down a very steep and slippery wall and those of us in the front had a moment to stop and catch our breath. we were standing in the bottom of a steep-walled room, at least fifty feet to the ceiling, with no visible way out. dave pointed his light to the ceiling opposite. there was no opening we could see and the way up looked almost featureless – there was no real rock fall to climb on. we all looked at each other. “we’re going up there??”

everyone had to sign a waiver first, and it was easy to see why. there were a lot of moments when a slip or a misstep could’ve led to someone falling down a rock-lined hole. at any given moment, not being aware of where you were putting your feet and also making sure you had a good hand-hold could’ve meant a bad fall.

i realize looking at this that i’m making it seem impossible or terrifyingly perilous. it was hard and definitely dangerous, but i was surprised by how much i was capable of – i think everyone was surprised to find they could do more and push themselves further than they thought. i was surprised i could climb out of a narrow hole, surprised i could free-climb slippery rock, surprised i could balance in a chimney on one tiptoe while getting my other foot right in front of my chest to lever myself up to the cave floor. surprised by how confident i felt in my ability to do all these things.

i wasn’t surprised by how much i loved it. i think i said “i love this” at least ten times while we were down there. a quarter of the way through mark and i were already planning out our next trip. it was the most wholly physically demanding thing i’ve ever done – today, two days later, my body still hurts in places i didn’t know i had muscles – and every minute was thrilling. i’ve never felt so alive – cliché? yeah, but completely true.

during ‘king kong’ last night (which was awesome), carl denham says to ann darrow, ‘i’m someone you can trust. i’m a movie producer.’ i immediately and completely involuntarilyHA!!‘-ed, putting the full force of my diaphragm behind the guffaw.

it was totally silent in the theatre and no one else laughed. at least, no one else laughed as explosively as i did.

now, i realize my reaction was a little…overboard, shall we say, but seriously – NO ONE ELSE thought that was funny?? what gives? i felt like a leper. i guess, as eric pointed out, that joke probably played better in LA.

you know, at the time, buying chocolate raspberry flavored scharffen berger ganache for lips seemed like a good idea. a nice lip balm change of pace for the holidays. it’s made from scharffen berger dark chocolate, raspberry extract and very little else. the problem?

it’s made from scharffen berger dark chocolate, raspberry extract and very little else.

it smells amazing. it makes me hungry. it makes me hungry for chocolate. expensive chocolate. but the only chocolate in my apartment is some hershey’s kisses remaindered from halloween. not exactly the good stuff.

i don’t know what i was thinking. next time i’ll just go all the way and buy some lip balm that tastes like gyoza or bacon.

kara: look! another gray hair! geez, where are these all coming from?! you used to have like, two and now they’re everywhere!!



*failed pluck*

*failed pluck*

eric: ow!

kara: sorry! i’ll get it this time…

…*failed pluck*

eric: [twists away] i can’t hear ‘family guy’!

kara: i’msorryi’msorry!

eric: HEY – i probably got some down in my pants too – why don’t you go paw around in there?! huh? …TAKE A GOOD LOOK!

two weeks ago i had the Best Day Ever but i haven’t had time to write about it until now. actually, it was really the one thing that put me in an awesome mood and everything else was just gravy.

a few weeks ago i wrote a php cms application for a website my new company had built awhile ago. dawn and i hit the road for indiana to meet with the client; she was taking photographs of their newest piece of equipment doing its thing and i had to present my app’s user guide and do a little training. the company in question works in the recycling industry and has developed some processes to make aluminum reclaimation much more environmentally-friendly. i had never been to an industrial facility before and i was excited – my appetite whet by previously-taken photos of giant aluminum-melting furnaces and yellow-hot metals flowing and sparking like something out of T2.

one of our contacts at this company is an incredibly sweet german guy named karl (*name changed to that of two of my friends’ older brother’s name to keep me from getting dooced, even though everything i have to say is basically about how awesome everything about this company is and you could totally figure out who/what i’m talking about if you really wanted to, but hey – i’m making an effort here.). karl had a friend in from germany who was also visiting the plant for the first time. dawn got her camera ready and we put on our hard hats (!!!) and followed karl out into the cold drizzly rain.

the company’s buildings are arranged in a big U and we emerged from the inner right arm of the U. our destination was the building at the base of the U. the entire space inside the U is filled with rows of hundreds of pressure gauges and huge pre-fab parts of as-yet-unknown metal structures. on the far side of the yard were about 6 tall perfect white cylinders, their bottoms fenced in with lots of pipes snaking everywhere between them and a tall dark grey rectangular building on stilts. the air rumbled with the muffled sub-bass of giant machinery – a steady grating throbbing of moving parts and rushing air like an old steam train idling in a station or a giant bellows being pumped by one of those cave trolls from lotr. we wove our way between 6 foot tall sections of pipe as thick fog billowed across our path and clung to bottoms of racks of gauges and our ankles.

seeing that fog is the most surreal moment i think i’ve ever had. it was cold outside – maybe 40° – and i couldn’t feel any heat emanating from the plant’s opening (door or hatch doesn’t sufficiently describe how gaping and huge it was) so the fog felt like…magic. like the beginning of a story where the characters journey to a strange new land and see things that no one has dreamt of before – the moment just before an explorer realizes he’s found a place that isn’t on any map. this was my mindset when i stepped out of the gray rain and into the plant’s black interior.

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i voted this morning at the humongoid high school down the street from my apartment. i came armed with 6 bills, past voter registration cards, my passport and my lease, just in case some pesky republican poll watcher tried to interfere. my first impression of this, the most hallowed experience of the democratic process?


the part when i first got in there and they looked up my name and signature in the big book of signatures and pulled out my form with my name on it from the big book of voters was cool. the part where i punched #4 (?) for john kerry was sort of cool. the rest of the voting where i was confronted with the names of about 500 judges that i’d never heard of in my life…that wasn’t so cool. my second impression of this, the cornerstone of democracy?


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watching the glitter lamp in the dark:

eric: uh, there’s something i’m thinking that i want to tell you, but…well, i’m trying to think how to say it without it sounding like an insult.

kara: um, well maybe you shouldn’t tell me…?

eric: well what i was going to say was ‘you look really pretty in the dark’ but i guess that’s sort of…

kara: …….?!

eric: i mean, you look really pretty at other times too, not just uh…when it’s, you know…dark… i guess that’s sort of, i mean i didn’t mean for it to be so…such a…

kara: backhanded compliment?

eric: yeah.


eric: here, let’s just put a bag over your head

pat: are uh, the coldplay guy and gwyneth married yet?

eric: no, I read in Cosmo, they’re on the outs