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Eating lunch at Birds with Terry, Jula, and Vince, when Ginnifer Goodwin walked by with her adorable short haircut and wearing a really cute dress. As we were walking down the street to the Oaks to get ice cream sandwiches, she was walking back down the sidewalk and we saw her again – she’s teeny and has amazing skin.

Saw her at LAX, at my gate, as we were waiting to board the same plane to St. Louis. She was wearing cargo pants, trainers, a lime-green and gray horizontally-striped boyfriend cardigan, and an Alexander McQueen skull scarf (in hot pink). I saw her before she put on the big movie-star-in-hiding sunglasses (indoors), and was kind of shocked how she looks exactly the same as on TV. She’s extremely thin – we’re the same height but she probably weighs ten pounds less – and looks young (and not just because of the height).

Saw her at Aroma Coffee & Tea Co in Studio City. I was there with a bunch of friends and she walked in looking very Penelope Garcia (and totally adorable) with a guy I didn’t recognize. I tried to play it cool and probably failed.

Saw her at Trader Joe’s in Silver Lake. Noticed her (but didn’t recognize her) when I first came in, because she was being all giggly with the dude she was with. She seemed very tall, way too skinny (her legs were a little scary in her jeggings), but with a really perky butt, which seemed sort of unlikely given that the rest of her looked starved. Walked past her later and that’s when I recognized her, though it took me a second because a) she’s way prettier in real life than on screen, b) her hair was short and dark, c) the aforementioned alarming thinness. Maybe she’s just really hitting the yoga? I dunno. She seemed really happy; it’s nice to see a celebrity not looking like life is a bore/burden.

…at the abbot kinney festival. she was with her family, and is tiny and beautiful and was very tender with her son.

at the phoenix concert after-party at the roosevelt hotel pool. he walked by us a few times, during which he and megan had some eye contact. later when he was hanging out by us, bobby tapped him on the shoulder and told him that he was a fan or whatever, then introduced megan and said she was too embarrassed to say hi. jared said that’s ok, that he was embarrassed too and held out his hand. the handshake was reportedly far longer than a normal handshake. megan was giddy and smiley the rest of the night and it was totally awesome and surreal when I turned around to see who was invading my personal space, and it was jared leto, and he was talking to my friends. oh hollywood.

(gene simmons’s son) at the phoenix concert after-party at the roosevelt hotel pool. he is EXTREMELY tall. elaine stopped him to tell him how much she loves ‘family jewels’.

at the phoenix concert after-party at the roosevelt hotel pool. he’s even hotter in person.

at sweetsalt in toluca lake. she was sitting at the table next to the meg(h)ans and me with her friend and friend’s cute baby (who looooooved megan). megan saw her and recognized her from her voice. she’s way shorter and tinier than she looks on tv and also about 3x as pretty – she’s totally beautiful in person, and i don’t know, I guess on ‘psych’ she’s playing a police officer so they kind of downplay her looks? aaaanyway, she was gorgeous and it was a cool sighting since megan and i love that show so much.

at the starbucks on colorado in santa monica. he was standing in line behind jula and me. jula was putting in a big order for her coworkers, and we were very aware that we were holding up the line. aaaaand it was luke wilson. he looked much cuter than in his recent at&t ads, in which it looks like his mom picked out his wardrobe.

outside daikokuya in little tokyo. 90% sure. she is super teeny tiny.

electron scanning microscope photos of insects and spiders, including this fly with its tongue sticking out.

after a preview screening of ‘the blind side’ in westwood village. first terry and jula saw him in the lobby, then we saw him again in the parking lot; his car was next to jula’s. was wearing nice button down and a vest and with a very tall woman who i assume to be his wife. he drives a quite expensive mercedes suv and it looked to be brand new. also he’s pretty good at driving in reverse from what we saw of him maneuvering out of the parking spot next to jula. then terry and i passed him and his wife on the sidewalk on our way to my car a few blocks away.

folks, lt. hawke/buck compton be lookin’ good.

…at the garfunkel & oates show at UCB (which. was. fantastic! they’re having another show same time and place next wednesday and you should totally see them live). matthew gray gubler looked pretty much the same as the last time i saw him, but he was wearing his ultra-nerdy/cute glasses. justin long was way shorter than i expected.

also, last tuesday i saw noah wyle at my internship. i looked up and he was standing there and i had to look away so i didn’t stare. he’s super cute in person.

i can’t wait to see it again. might go tomorrow. it was SO GOOD. and funny! and heart-wrenching! amazing. and spock and uhura? so. hot. together.

god i was going to watch the season finale of ‘dollhouse’ but i don’t know if i can handle that much awesomeness in one night.

update: oops, forgot – we also saw nancy walls at the movie. pretty sure it was her.