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Most amazing thing ever? Perhaps. Perhaps.

Winter Time with Jon and Ghost

by Daisy Edwards

Says xkcd‘s Randall Munroe:

Planets are turning out to be so common that to show all the planets in our galaxy, this chart would have to be nested in itself–with each planet replaced by a copy of the chart–at least three levels deep.


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Daenerys takes matters into her own hands.

Where are my dragons?

Completely delightful. Wish ‘Eureka’ was on right this moment.

Excuse me, I have something in my eye…

Best new thing! Great illustrations by paperbeatsscissors. More at BuzzFeed.

worthless without the suit

wearing a visor

just want a heart

unintelligible speech

via BuzzFeed via Renee

Awkward Superman

by J.L. Westover

via Nerdist via Lacey

via Last One to Sherlock is a Sissy! via BuzzFeed

This is a great short film that involves horrible monsters, but manages to make them scary and gross without ever showing one. Pretty great filmmaking. ‘Cost of Living’ stars Brandon Routh and Bret Harrison, and was directed by BenDavid Grabinski. It’s about…security guards? That’s all I’ll say. I recommend watching it on Vimeo and going full-screen.

A for effort, T-Rex.

A selection below; see more of Hugh Murphy’s brilliant work at T-Rex Trying…

I was woken up by the text from CU telling me campus was closed for the day, then couldn’t get back to sleep. So I laid there and pretended I was video blogging back to Earth from a preliminary colony mission en route to the moon. That’s normal, right?