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Via Reddit via Eric…it gets funnier and funnier the longer I watch. And I cant. Stop. Watching.

By StarRovias—more on deviantART.


SimCity 4

LA Noire

I…yeah. Too cute. Too. Cute.

capybara snuggles cat

via Eric

the hotel

Inside the central train station in Sofia, Bulgaria — by miuenski

Mogwai’s score for ‘Les Revenants‘ is amazing. Atmospheric, epic, great music for star-gazing or laying the dark feeling your feels.

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Photographer Bill Gekas recreates classic paintings using his daughter as a model. More at BuzzFeed and his website.

This is basically the most perfect Chicago city guide I’ve ever read. Some crucial things left out, but this is, essentially, Chicago.

But, if you want to live it real, avoid Portillo’s and find your own hole in the wall. To do this, first you look for a sign.

Your keys to spotting this place are:

1) Vienna Beef logo on their hanging sign
2) Their name includes one or more of the following
a. Chicago
b. Windy City
c. Beef
d. Dog
e. Gyros
f. The name of the street you’re on
g. The name of a street you’re not on
h. Any ethnic sounding name followed by an “ ‘s ”
3) Their staff appears to all be related or from the same ethnicity
4) They have any of the following
a. Signed pictures of the old mayor
b. Railroad paraphernalia
c. A picture of a giant hotdog, possibly floating in Lake Michigan
d. A menu hanging above the counter that appears to have ~50 items
e. An elderly lady working the cash register

Clyde is my new favorite character in ‘Elementary’. So many squees when he did his little leg stretch when Sherlock first picked him up. You can kind of see it in this gif:

I have never wanted a creature to be a recurring character more. I want Clyde to always be nibbling some lettuce in the background of a scene, to be keeping papers from blowing away, to be perched on Sherlock’s shoulder.

Saddest poem ever.

If anyone knows who wrote this, please let me know so I can credit this appropriately.

Find Momo

Momo is hiding in every one of the photos on this delightful website created by Andrew Knapp

Momo around some old railroad ties
Momo at the flour mill

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Someone left this adorable stamp on Eric’s desk.

Great piece about Hugh Jackman and his family…and ‘Les Misérables’! I cannot emphasize how excited I am for this movie. It’s the first musical I really fell in love with (‘Sweeney Todd’ is my all-time favorite, but I couldn’t bring myself to see the movie) and I love the melodic themes and the way they intertwine. My favorite character? Éponine. She has the best songs!

…Pardon me while I go fire up the piano.

Lonely Planet posted a great guide to the top twenty free attractions in Paris.

carousel and the Eiffel Tower

photo by Jordan Ferney from her post 10 Things to Do in Paris with Kids

I haven’t been to Paris since my language trip in high school, and I can’t wait to go back now that I can enjoy wine, appreciate the architecture and art, and actually see the inside of a museum (museum workers’ strike prevented this). Hopefully once I finish this second bachelor’s I will be able to take a nice long trip around Europe with friends. If I do so, I will definitely be on a budget so this list will come in handy!

French pastries!

photo by Jordan Ferney from her post about Le Boulanger des Invalides Jocteur