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Brian made this for me!!

Slowly but surely! Here’s one of Eric and me from our first full day, and second hike of the trip. We did the whole Devil’s Garden loop. I think it took something like 4.5 hours.

me and eric

Man, I miss that hat.

Full set here

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A month away from Boulder: back home to Illinois then San Diego Comic-Con, LA, Emma & Robbie’s wedding near Placerville, the Bay Area.

Yesterday at 1:30pm:

classin' up spring break

This morning at 1:30am:

opening some wine at 1:30 am

My view of the Flatirons from my balcony, before and after our big snow storm this weekend.

view of the snowy Flatirons from my balcony
today's view of the Flatirons

more window display porn

Anthropologie // Boulder, CO

eric braves the mist

Latourell Falls

Today in Petrology lab we looked at thin sections of micas, quartz, and chlorite. We also had some hand samples for reference. I couldn’t get the color right on this photo; the lepidolite is more lavender than this shows.


I was cleaning out my hard drive when I found all of the gorgeous waterfall/Mt. Hood/Timberline Lodge I took with my actual non-iPhone camera. Slowly getting them processed and posted over at Flickr, but here’s my favorite so far.

basalt and mist

Basalt columns and mist at Latourell Falls

washington monument

Listening to Barack Obama’s second inauguration speech, and remembering back to that freezing cold day four years ago when Mom and I jumped fences and barricades to find a spot overlooking the Mall, to listen to his first inauguration speech. Photos from Obama’s first inauguration.

Already kind of blew healthy-eating today with that giant Red Robin burger, so why not go all out? I bought a can of cinnamon chip scones at Sprouts, and soon after jumping two feet off the ground and yelping like a puppy when the can popped open (haven’t I outgrown that yet??), I had eight AMAZING-smelling scones. I wish I could sent this smell out to all of you; it’s phenomenal.

cinnamon scones


This is the portable x-ray diffraction machine I’m using for my second research project with Brian. We’re analyzing rocks from volcanic environments.

portable XRD!
XRD tuning fork

This big tuning fork is used to shake the sample, since you can’t move the x-ray emitter around the sample, as you normally would, when you’re on Mars. In the top photo I’ve put the sample in the well, in the bottom photo I’ve turned on the external shaker, and the sample was moved into the tiny windowed area, ready to be analyzed.

This XRD is a duplicate of the XRD onboard the Mars Science Laboratory! See its sister ‘in action’ in this MSL animatic:

the light outside is completely purple due to this sunset

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Ian and I checked out the mineral show (and fossil show) and had a great time geeking out over rare and beautiful minerals. There were some hand samples I really wanted to buy, but I didn’t have hundreds of dollars to spare (or tens of thousands as the case may be) but I got a few great samples that I’m really happy with!

This tomato is too pretty to eat :/

…but I will anyway. With sadness.

Lunch! #nofilter