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sunset over the Flatirons


Toasted brie, dark chocolate & roasted strawberries

my dinner - toasted brie, dark chocolate & roasted strawberries

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Tea at Dushanbe, ‘Brave’, dinner at Brasserie Ten Ten, hiking at Eldorado Canyon, farmers’ market, horseback riding in Rocky Mountain National Park, BBQ and exploring Estes Park.

Ever since I got that crazy glitter set, I’ve been looking for excuses to use it. So when Renée came into town, I decided to make her a fun birthday card to go along with the rest of her belated-birthday goodies!

popsicle card I made for Renée

I saw a similar popsicle card at the store with tiny plastic sprinkle-like dots instead of glitter…but it was $6! And also glitter is way better than sprinkles (on non-edible items at least). I bought some plain cards with matching envelopes at Target. I sketched out the shape I wanted for the popsicle and colored in the stick and popsicle with colored pencils in case the glitter didn’t provide full coverage. I used a darker brown colored pencil to make the stick look like wood. I used plain Elmer’s glue because I didn’t have a glue stick or anything less-thick (I will need to pick up thinner glue for future projects, since the Elmer’s saturated the paper and made it wavy). I did one color at a time, letting it dry a bit before moving on. Then I did the lettering with a glue pen.

I really like how it turned out! I did have to weigh it down a bit to un-wave it, but I think it’s pretty good for a first attempt.

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Two days in the city, two days in Connecticut and upstate New York. I can’t wait to go back and visit Maria, Clayton and Chloe again!

More day-by-day info here: May 16, May 17, May 18, May 19, May 20.

On my itinerary for the rest of the week:

bourbon salted caramel and strawberry milkshake

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When I first moved to Colorado, before I settled in Boulder, I braved the heat and spent a few hours at the Denver Botanic Gardens, walking along the winding paths and enjoying the mist from the fountains and waterfalls.

homemade croissant blueberry poptart

homemade croissant blueberry poptart

A big shout-out to Emma at the C4C café. She made these and brought them in to sell – and it is so so good. So much butter. Just the right amount of icing to make it sweet and not cloying. And who doesn’t get happy just looking at sprinkles?

well...good thing none of the dresses fit me, I guess.

Jason Wu for Target

I’d love to wear one of these tomorrow, but I’ll be freezing my ass off on the side of a mountain for 6 hours so…

…and here’s the photographic proof!

For the anniversary of my special day, Mom sent me this photo of the day Mom and Dad picked me up at the airport.

Dad is carrying a Polaroid camera in a case that they borrowed for the occasion. Mom is carrying me, 5 months old to the day.

the day I came to america

So remember that ‘Dr. Bonesaw’ shoot I worked on way back when (photos here)? Psychic Bunny/Lead Balloon took that footage and rolled it into a short about…well…aftermath, is the best way I can put it – starring the delightfulLaurel Vail! Scroll down the Lead Balloon projects page to ‘Still Beating’.

laurel, dead

(Also I am way way late in posting this. Apologies!)

I just made apricot chicken from Elise Bauer’s recipe and oh my goodness is it good. Took me a long time to make since I don’t cook often (and cook meat even less often, so I was worried my chicken wouldn’t be cooked through) but it was really easy. And smelled AMAZING as it was cooking! When I tried a little of the sauce as it was simmering, I involuntarily shouted expletives. Next time I might use a little less jam (I didn’t have fresh apricots on hand) and a bit more hot sauce. I served it over quinoa, because it was the only grain/noodle I had around, and I liked how the quinoa absorbed the sweet-spicy liquid so the whole thing almost became a thick stew. I’ll definitely make this again!

apricot chicken


on the inner flap of my Trader Joe’s Candy Cane green tea

Wishing I was here today:

pastoral scene