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Movies I love but am scared to re-watch for fear of them not being as magical as I remember:

  • Memento
  • Moon
  • the Prestige
  • How to Train Your Dragon
  • Inception
  • District 9
  • the Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford
  • Easy A

Reorganizing my Kindle when I thought: Wow, this has really rekindled my love of...bloody hell! #marketingpeoplearesmart #crazyfridaynight

People look at me like I’m nuts when I save the little shovel-spoons they give you with your gelato. I wipe them off, stick them in my purse, and ignore the stares. Later, when I eat my ice cream or yogurt with one of these happy little spoons, it’s like a little ray of sunshine. Pow!

multicolored gelato spoons are brilliant

I don’t know about you guys, but the ends of the new arms of my aloe plant look like little green paws. tiny and rounded with a few teeny soft spines at the end like little claws. when I water my aloe or turn it, I shake each one and say ‘helloooo!’ in a kind of sing-song british-y way.

I’m serious.

i’d like to take this opportunity to thank qantas for the great little in-flight snack bags. full of native treats – mints, cookies, crisps, nuts, fruit – i’m still enjoying them. right now: the anzac biscuit which is a kind of coconut-y oatmeal-y shortbread that i’m sure i’ll be craving more of in about five minutes.

if anyone needs burn relief, come see me.

just watched new kids on the block on regis & kelly and am left wondering: how does donnie wahlberg feel about all of this? he’s a legitimate actor now – he has a real career. he was in ‘band of brothers’ for crying out loud. possibly relevant: he was the only one that seemed into the dancing and the whole performance. completely not relevant: they are all looking surprisingly hot.

oh god.

i should maybe think about drinkin’ it.

i seem to have a problem

click for notes on the art.

there’s something hilarious about how in the break room on this floor (and i assume every floor) there’s a wall of shelves and they’re all filled with stacks of paramount-branded paper cups. surely this money could’ve been put to better use.

i miss fall.

my favorite season is autumn. i love how the trees turn color. i love the way the air smells – crisp, and where i grew up, with a hint of burning leaves. i love the clothes – jackets and skirts with tights, boots, long wool scarves.

so far, in california, the weather has been pretty even – it was really hot when i got here but other than gradually falling temperatures, there have been no other signs of changing seasons. i’m still shocked that it’s almost thanksgiving.

today though…today i woke up and it was actually chilly. it’s barely gotten up to 60° and i’m actually forced to wear a scarf. indoors.

it’s weird to watch shows that are all about LA now that i’m living here. everyone has such a wildly different view of the city, and in one night you can see 5 completely different LAs. i still haven’t completely decided what the city is to me. i have a real clear idea about chicago, namely that it’s frakking awesome…i wonder how long it’ll take before i feel that way about LA.

yes, i’m watching ‘bill nye the science guy’. yes i totally had a crush on him (“did you know this is the same compass that compass man uses?”). ok, so i still do. when he makes guest appearances on ‘numbers’ i lose my shit every time.

let’s go over other formative-years crushes. i think, like yesterday’s paper-product realization, there are some interesting insights to be had here as well.

  • macgyver: pretty much my dream guy. he’s like a spy, but he uses science.
  • david lightman: matthew broderick’s character in wargames. cute AND knows computers. every time he dials up the WOPR using that acoustic coupler, i fall in love all over again.
  • wesley crusher: cute, precocious, saves the enterprise, gets to PILOT the enterprise, makes out with ashley judd, saves picard’s life.
  • beaker: dr. bunsen honeydew’s beleaguered assistant. i can’t really explain this one.
  • egon: i was so in love with dr. egon spengler. i still am. he’s so smart he managed to put a nuclear accelerator on every ghostbuster’s back. plus the dry sense of humor. he’s perfect.
  • every guy in sneakers: i don’t think this needs any explaining. in fact, i think i’m going to play it in the background while i work this afternoon.

more recent nerd crushes:

  • dr. spencer reid: on ‘criminal minds’ he’s super smart, has total recall and a photographic memory. in real life, matthew gray gubler is a filmmaker and former model.
  • charlie eppes: on ‘numbers’, david krumholtz’s character is the genius-mathematician-younger-brother of rob morrow’s hot-fbi-agent. on this show, basically all of my dreams come true.
  • sheldon: on ‘the big bang theory’, sheldon is the taller and more sardonic of the two main characters (both physicists). i mean, the dude created a glow-in-the-dark goldfish and (oddly) seemed to be wearing a volcom tshirt in last week’s episode. clearly, we’re meant to be together.