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Via Reddit via Eric…it gets funnier and funnier the longer I watch. And I cant. Stop. Watching.

I…yeah. Too cute. Too. Cute.

capybara snuggles cat

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Clyde is my new favorite character in ‘Elementary’. So many squees when he did his little leg stretch when Sherlock first picked him up. You can kind of see it in this gif:

I have never wanted a creature to be a recurring character more. I want Clyde to always be nibbling some lettuce in the background of a scene, to be keeping papers from blowing away, to be perched on Sherlock’s shoulder.

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Someone left this adorable stamp on Eric’s desk.

A whole gallery! Some highlights:

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My father would not approve.

(Meredith Gray is a Scottish Fold)

Posted this on Facebook last week but I can’t stop thinking about it:

What do you mean I'm not a bear? I have all of the koalafications

The cutest of photographic surprises!

“As I looked through the camera lens, I could see something creeping in to the frame,” Britain’s Telegraph news website quoted him as saying. “When I realized it was a baby sloth, I clicked the button as fast as I could — not that he was going anywhere fast.”

More on CBC News.

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Um. I want Toby.

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