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A for effort, T-Rex.

A selection below; see more of Hugh Murphy’s brilliant work at T-Rex Trying…

The most delightful thing I’ve seen in a long time. io9 calls it “a delightfully weird cartoon about a trigonometry-loving T-Rex” and that about sums it up.


Plesiosaur – purchase prints

By Darren Pearson. See more cool long-exposure shots in his Light fossils set.

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All aboard the Dinosaur Train!

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For my birthday this year, I knew months in advance what I wanted to do: see ‘Walking with Dinosaurs’! Goldstar had an amazing deal on tickets, and we ended up with great seats. We were probably the only large group of adults without kids but WHO CARES. The show was fantastic – the staging was very clever and the robots and puppeteering were impressive to say the least. Moving mini-continents, plants and flowers that ‘grow’, dino battles, soaring over the ocean, and a quasi-Indiana Jones narrator. I highly recommend this show!

More info, including stats about the animatronics and production, and dino dossiers.