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by gemma correll

Because this guy’s YouTube channel is only Japanese food unboxing. Example:

Cool how you get it out of the package though.

oatmeal cookie and root beer ice cream @coolhaus

and it only happened yesterday.

I can make a goooood sandwich.

by hannah from honey & jam

includes such gems as ‘inspiration soup’ and ‘melon mousse’ and ‘frankfurter spectacular’ and something mysteriously named ‘caucasian shashlik’. wha?

i’d like to take this opportunity to thank qantas for the great little in-flight snack bags. full of native treats – mints, cookies, crisps, nuts, fruit – i’m still enjoying them. right now: the anzac biscuit which is a kind of coconut-y oatmeal-y shortbread that i’m sure i’ll be craving more of in about five minutes.

Del Monte:

I love your little Mandarin orange snack cups. They are delicious. But the regular cups, while delightful, are a bit too cloying for my taste. So, when I was at the store and saw ‘no sugar added’ Mandarin orange cups, I was pretty excited. However, the ‘no sugar added’ oranges taste chemical-y. I’m not sure if this is the fault of the Splenda, or if insufficiently sweetened Mandarin oranges just taste a bit acrid, but I will not be purchasing this disappointing again. I would suggest introducing a ‘lightly sweetened’ version of your Mandarin oranges, to complete your product line á là Lipton teas.



Bacon & Chicken Narwhal (submitted by Arthur Lipp-Bonewits)

Bacon & Chicken Narwhal
(submitted by Arthur Lipp-Bonewits)

via this is why you’re fat via cameron

i could really go for a double double or a slice of cheesecake or some bread pudding or a steak or something right now. sadly none of these things are at hand, and i’m too lazy/conscientious to go get them.

a few weeks ago i tasted real ranch dressing for the first time in years…and i can’t go back to fat free. i’m trying to choke it down right now and it’s just not working. hidden valley, here i come. maybe tonight.

where should I eat?

via buzzfeed

last night i went with elaine to the warner bros. employee screening of ‘terminator salvation’ at the chinese theatre. the movie was pretty good despite having to sit in the third row, but i knew that getting out of the parking garage was going to be a nightmare. my solution? after i parted ways with elaine i made a bee line for beard papa’s at the hollywood & highland center. i carefully balanced my eclair cream puff as i paid for parking and rode the crowded escalators, and ate it while i sat in my car inching forward in the long line snaking up the garage ramps. it was glorious, and every time someone would walk past i’d be caught in the act of taking a big, messy, creamy, oozy, melted-chocolate-everywhere bite and i totally didn’t care. go ahead and stare, citizens! bet you wish YOU’D thought of this before you came all the way down to your car! the time in the line flew by. this will be my modus operandi for crowded parking garage exits from here on out.

just finished the 101 cheap eats issue of los angeles magazine and i’m ready to try some new restaurants!

Terry, Alex and I hit the Grilled Cheese Invitational and it was glorious. We ate so much and so many kinds of grilled cheese. Sorry there aren’t more photos – I was too busy stuffing my face. Mmmmmmmm.