rush is finally over. oh thank god. so here i am, a week later and behind in all my classes. i’ve been averaging about 4.5 hours of sleep a night, and last night i only got 2. i stayed up til 5am to work on my wire sculpture for (appropriately enough) my sculpture class, then i think my prof hated it, while he liked all the crappy ones. i feel this is going to be a bad quarter. hmm. plus there’s that whole editing abby’s film thing and my other art class which requires insane amounts of out of class work. i’m so fucked.

the only redeeming part of my day? i’m at work right now – ahhh work, how i’ve missed you so. also, ahhh my tibook, how i’ve missed you so. says kate: “this place is a loony bin.” word. or something. isn’t it great when i try to be hip and it never ever works. glutton for punishment – that’s me.