i skipped class today and watched ‘unfaithful’ with meghan. i will never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever have an affair. if i didn’t already know it, this movie convinced me. yikes.

so i finished reading ‘the fellowship of the ring’ last night. because i’m sure everyone is really interested. yeah, i thought so. on to the two towers!

the rest of the weekend wasn’t real interesting. i was a loser and didn’t go to any of the social events that i thought i was, and then i went to see a movie by myself (‘the quiet american’ – quite good). went to eac on sunday night with kate & mike then we hit chili’s afterwards…mmm…completely cancelling out anything we might have worked off. last night we had a ‘joe millionaire’ shindig at mike’s apartment. he made his pasta & broccoli and we all watched the taped show and booed at the bitchy women and laughed (nerdily) at the production elements of the show. stacey made cake and it was delicious as well.

i think i’m going to eac after work, then there will be the inevitably futile attempt to catch up on reading. ahh, college. hopefully tomorrow night kyle, kate and i (and whomever else) will be hitting the green mill. if kate gets her paper from hell done in time. then this weekend is the big birthday party for jon and one of eric’s hs friends. i hope jon likes what we get him. what am i thinking, of course he will! but i won’t say what it is, on the off chance that someone other than me actually reads this.