yay! eric just showed me how to fix my html so i don’t have to save the long way. hooray!

meghan, eric, jon & i went to see ‘old school’ tonight. it was fucking amazing (just for you eric, just for you). i have never laughed so hard in my life. i was actually in pain from laughing so much. meghan was crying. SO FUNNY.

tomorrow is the free chipotle party at the office (yay ozzie!), meghan’s birthday at chili’s and drinking at our place. saturday is ozzie’s birthday at iggy’s. then sunday is writing the paper that will break me. ah, what a weekend!

kate and i are now in charge of the company’s marketing campaign or whatever. new logo ideas:

  • like a lawn gnome. but with more finesse
  • digital horsewhisperers.
  • digital stud ranch (thanks eric!).