ok, so it’s technically the 16th, but it’s only 12:28, so i say it counts as saturday still. meghan and i just got back from the bbq. it was awesome. started at 5, ended at midnight. brats, hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, salads, cookies, tons of beer…ahh. this is the life. plus it was GORGEOUS today. only wore my red hooded sweatshirt as a coat. eric danced a lot, kate’s girls came, it was awesome.

AND today i printed my edition of my woodcut dyptich for printmaking. tomorrow i have to go in to do a monotype, and i have NO idea what to do for it, but at least that’s all i have left! then just the critique on monday morning and i’m done for the quarter!! HOORAY!! oh yeah – the papers went ok. at least they’re over. whatever.

tomorrow (today) is erin’s going away party – she’s going to cincinnati for her teaching media quarter for medill. las palmas and karaoke at 1800. excellent. the quarter is looking a lot better now that i don’t really have any more work to do.