i forgot – tuesday a ton of terrible things happened

  • electrical storms knock out all of our web service’s customers except for us. until they fix all of those, then we have no outside net access.
  • jon’s computer freezes, erasing his work. a lot of work.
  • in an effort to figure out the internet problem, jeff asks ozzie to disconnect from the network. ozzie does so and as soon as he pulls out the cable he realizes that he hadn’t saved this huge flash file he had been working on for the past 5 hours and loses it all.
  • with posting deadlines approaching, and still no outsite net access save jeff’s slow slow slow dial-up, eric goes home to do some stuff there. on the way out of the office he slips down the back stairs, bruising his arm, leg and back. our landlord, whose name i will leave out, is just asking for a lawsuit with those stupid stairs.
  • eric, feeling crappy after falling down the stairs, wants to take a shower to clean off and try to make a fresh start of the day. his toilet overflows.
  • to try to finish his work, jon goes home to do in on his computer. the power goes out at his apartment and he loses everything. again.
  • jon comes back to work to do try for a third time. jeff cycles the switch. jon looks like someone shot his dog, i don’t ask, but am guessing that this means he lost more files. for the third time in one day.
  • we have a meeting scheduled for 6:30. so although i can’t really do anything because to work on my comps i need to download fonts, and everything else pretty much has to do with the web as well, i sit around for 3 hours waiting for the meeting.
  • the meeting is over at 9. i’m so tired i’m struggling to pay attention instead of staring at the back of jeff’s head.

then today:

  • i felt sick. i stayed home.
  • jon felt sick. jon threw up. jon went home.
  • eric finds that he has no net access from his computer. everyone else is fine, his computer isn’t. he takes it home to see if it will work on his wireless network. it doesn’t. he comes back to work and tries again. nothing. he goes to get the cds to reinstall windows. suddenly, upon being threatened with drive wipage, his computer wises up and starts accepting the network once again.
  • i feel better so i decide to come to work for the last few hours of the day. the el ride makes me feel sick again.

this week needs to end before someone gets in a car accident or dies.