uh, thought i’d better update with something other than my baby panda obsession. lately i’ve been building a new website in css – got to do some fun javascript menus too, plus the movable type-driven News section. other than that nothing exciting has been happening really. halloween is coming up and on saturday my new couch will be delivered! i guess buying the couch is really the only piece of news.

how about a recap of things past? ok? ok!

last weekend holly, meghan, megan, robyn, gabrielle, marc and others were back in town for homecoming. we ACTUALLY won! it was good to see everyone, but it sort of really hit home how much things have changed and how unhappy i am that meghan and holly are so far away. 🙁 but i’m planning to visit meghan in february for her birthday – it’ll be my first time in california! i’m also hoping to visit kyle in japan sometime in the spring. for christmas/new year’s? i don’t know – gotta do the family stuff, then i’ll see if i have any time for other stuff. maybe a few days for a short trip to…??? word is that we’re not getting ‘official’ time off for the in between holidays period, so i guess i’m taking one for the team (family).

in november is this trivial pursuit tournament that my dad’s side of the family is really into, and i LOVE trivial pursuit! you play in a team versus like 80 other tables of teams and win money! the rose’s are trying to fill up two tables for this particular leg of the tournament, so i’ve enlisted eric as a ringer. we’re sure to place!

sunday my parents came through town on their way back home from my aunt’s in michigan. i wish they could’ve stayed longer – but i’ll see them the weekend fo the tournament and two weeks after that for thanksgiving/dad’s birthday. oh no! what do i get him?!? this man has like NO DISCERNABLE INTERESTS!! he doesn’t read (except the newspaper), listen to music (NPR only), or watch a lot of tv or movies. my parents don’t even have a dvd player. i guess they are really into alias and csi, but they’d never just watch episodes for the heck of it like i do.

speaking of which, i still have a taped episode my mom brought me of alias from 3 weeks ago that i need to watch. also tonight i’ll be able to see csi for the first time in months! why didn’t i go into forensic anthropology or ballistics? damnit, damnit!

things i would like to do more of or start doing:

  • practice piano
  • practice clarinet
  • learn a foreign language � la arabic or japanese
  • take up a martial art…tai chi?
  • watch the rest of my ds9/alias/x-files episodes on dvd
  • run more
  • finish watching the indiana jones trilogy which eric hasn’t seen