…if you don’t like to hear about girly stuff. basically, i’m having my period and a uti which means double the pleasure double the fun for the area between my navel and pubis. i want to go home so bad and go to bed. but i can’t. i’m stuck at work doing a project i loathe and everyone is leaving at the end of the week and it will be just me and ben all alone all day in this huge cavernous room. eric’s going to see a client this afternoon so i can’t even talk to him, plus he was a jerk and ate my yogurt from the refrigerator so i don’t want to talk to him right now anyway until he apologizes or gets me some more yogurt. also i forgot to set the vcr to tape enterprise tonight and eric STILL hasn’t found me a divx of the last episode of sex in the city. muon’s going away dinner is tonight which i am actually looking forward to, but i still have three and half hours until the end of the work day, and i’ll have to hurry home and up to evanston when really i just want to go home NOW and curl up with my blue’s clues blanket and stuffed armadillo (named paul) and nap while ds9 rumbles in the background and hope that i can avoid the various needs to enter the bathroom. what a shitty day.