where has this week gone? i guess i did stuff every night so that’s why it flew by, but really – shouldn’t it only be tuesday or wednesday?

i played chip’s challenge for a couple of hours last night (ok, more like 5) and in looking for the level code i couldn’t remember, discovered that this game has 150 levels. 150. i am only on level 30-something. i will not rest until i have reached level 150.

tomorrow my mom is driving up for a few days. we are going to ikea and maybe marshall field’s with eric and his mom since employee appreciation days and field days hit the same weekend which equals big discounts. and i need a new jacket/backpack/umbrella/shoes for the japan trip. tomorrow night my mom is making chicken & noodles for me and eric and then on saturday night we’re having dinner with my aunt, lisa, brad, kjirsten, and chris. a mini family reunion of sorts.

i was supposed to go see a play at the steppenwolf with conrad on sunday but he’s heading home for spring break to see a friend that’s been in egypt for awhile. but sunday is eric and my month-a-versary so we may go to the noodle or something. and probably relax after my big busy family weekend.

tonight i’m going to see if pat & ryan are playing at cafe avanti. otherwise i will probably watch csi and sex & the city or maybe ds9 or futurama and pass out early since i’m not getting any sleep when the atari is around and it will be safely locked away and out of reach in evanston.