sometimes you’re just floating along, thinking everything is ok, you know, you’re just trying to maintain…then someone drops a bomb on you and you realize that you’re totally wasting your time and that essentially, you suck. such a time was last night when i got my first look at jon’s portfolio site,

this site is…awesome. i mean, jon didn’t know flash/actionscript at all before he started this project (did he know html? i’m not sure; probably a bit) and now in a few short weeks he’s got a kick-ass site with clever design (smoke signals for contact info) and lovely branding. all this from a guy who says of himself:

Jon good with picture not good work with compooter words.”

ok, sure, i’m trying to conquer coldfusion right now so i’m not a complete waste of space, but….but…..argh! he went from a basic knowledge of html to full-on flash site with nothing but a programming book and a kind roommate to help out when he ran into walls.

i need to get my ass in gear.