there are some really great sites on the web – i’m always so impressed by what people can create. mixin visuals has a bunch of links to some of these sites. so far i’ve looked at bitkraft and probe3. both are amazing. i can only hope to one day create something so engaging. 🙂


  • dab is also super, if a bit slow to load.
  • christopher connock’s portfolio site is very clean and his photographs are beautiful (architecture photography is one of my favorite things). check out the photos of the church of light in osaka, which was designed by my favorite architect, tadao ando
  • uh, i guess this one is cool…but what’s with that bikini chick? and the music? oh wait, it’s a site for women’s swimwear.
  • emiliano rodriguez’s portfolio site is also very cool. neat interface!
  • xhanubis. must be 18 to enter?
  • architecture AND flash! jordan architects
  • the mirror project has some great pictures in their gallery. if you can’t figure out what the subject of the pictures is, then…well…you will find no help here.

also, pardon this weirdo formatting, i will fix my style sheet once i get back on my own computer. i know i know – i’m hiding my head in shame