so fucking AWAKE. got back from japan on thursday morning, before the time when i left japan, and then promptly slept for nearly 24 hours. now it is 6:15 am and i am wide awake because it is only, what, 8:15 pm in japan?

arggghhh. this is so frustrating. i know i will just be exhausted tomorrow and want to sleep the entire day. plus ben’s birthday party at the bowling alley (no, despite my inquiries, there does not seem to be a trip to the rollerrink planned for after the lanes) is tomorrow night so i have to stay awake late at night.

i tried lying in bed and willing myself to sleep, but i am like, middle of the day awake and there is sun streaming in my room. i thought about going running or something after being thouroughly shamed by all of the incredibly skinny japanese girls, but who am i kidding? i have a gym membership that is totally sucking up 100 of my dollars a month and i never go anymore. no, i think i may just try to read something or maybe watch some tv on dvd or something. geez, i say ‘something’ a lot.