this movie was SO much better than i thought it would be. it was hilarious and had (awww!) a nice lesson to be learned. i laughed through the whole thing and left wanting to be a better person and delighted that i could never possibly be as bitchy and backstabbing and cruel as the girls in the movie. but i’ll also never have such vast knowledge of cosmetics and hair products and ‘fashion’ so i guess some would see that as a trade-off. these people are delusional. but anyhow, ‘mean girls‘ is terrific.


i left feeling happy and ready to try to be a better person too. lindsay lohan’s transformation from a down-to-earth girl who is smart and interesting to a total plastic bitch was pretty convincing. tina fey was adorable if a bit too prepared for her let’s-all-heal moment at the end. tim meadows finally found a role that suits him – an actual adult that isn’t asinine (see: ‘it’s pat,’ ‘the ladies man’). the girls who played the plastics were great and very funny and man, i am so glad i didn’t go to school with them. lizzy caplan and daniel franzese were also really funny as the sort of outcasts of the school.


this is a teen film.

In summary…

see this movie. it’s hilarious and will either a) make you relieved that high school wasn’t that bad or b) make you remember that high school was that bad. it’s surprisingly well-written (way to go tina fey), is well-paced and excellently cast. even boys will like this movie. really. so will your mom. just go see it.