jim jarmusch’s latest, coffee and cigarettes, is a fun and lighthearted movie depicting several vignettes of people interacting over coffee (or tea) and cigarettes. very refreshing, especially amidst the heavy subjects, visuals and long running times of most of the movies i have seen of late.


a large ensemble, everyone was pretty much great. cate blanchette as both herself and her cousin was impressive, the white stripes were offbeat and witty (jack’s little red wagon), who could’ve guessed renĂ©e french was so hot?! and iggy pop and tom waits made me feel incredibly uncomfortable (poor iggy!).

i thought the standout scene was ‘cousins?’ – alfred molina and steve coogan were brilliant and i can’t remember the last time i laughed so hard…ok, probably during ‘mean girls.’


minimal, beautiful black and white. some good edits and choices of shots that really enhanced the mood of each particular segment.

In summary…

i must for anyone who like jarmusch, and a good relaxer for everyone who wants to escape from all of the summer blockbusters.