saturday i took the metra to aurora to meet up with my mom, hit the outlet mall, and see my dad. on friday/saturday he and bunch of guys were on their way home, driving down from a fishing trip in alaska. these guys get together every year for this big trip and this year my dad got to go. unfortunately it was the worst weather these guys had seen in 20 years and they only got in a few hours of good fishing during the whole week. it actually hailed one day, was never above 50 degress and was dark and rainy and windy the whole time. but, it was a surprise that i was coming down to meet him so dad was really happy to see me. i don’t think i’d seen him since april!

saturday night eric and i had some late-night mexican food from garcia’s which was good, but then on sunday i had a rough bout of indigestion – although i felt more awful than i have in months, gi-tract-wise, so it might’ve been some mild food poisoning. ugh. i spent the day trying to find a comfortable position to lie in and eric read me a story and made me soup and all of those other nauseatingly adorable things that couples do for each other when one is ill. AWWW!

the weekend passed way too soon – tomorrow night i start the process of actually moving stuff to my new apartment (yay!). i’ll get to really see it for the first time, since the other two times i’ve been there it was jammed full of the previous tenant’s furniture and clothes. a lot of furniture and clothes. enough heavy wooden antique furniture to fill a house. plus her cat. which was cute, but the litter box was smelly.

speaking of kitties, yesterday eric and i watched his criterion beastie boys video anthology and i saw that video with the gray cat on the turntable. i miss my cat. a lot. i have always wanted a gecko – you know to maybe walk around on my arm and sit on my shoulder or something…maybe to hang out in my steamy bathroom and freak out visitors or something. but i bet they’re expensive to take care of. and smell funny. why do all animals have to smell funny?? cats don’t smell funny, just their litter boxes, but where’s a good place to put one of those in an apartment?