the wedding was nice – short and sweet. the highlights?

  1. the pastor or whatever (don’t know what denom he was representin’) gives the vows and tells ozzie that his answer should be ‘i will.’ and ozzie says ‘i will’ – but in a tone of voice that could have been interchanged with ‘psht! man, i ain’t even frontin’, of COURSE i’m gonna take care of this fiiiiiiine lady! damn dude!’
  2. ozzie weeps like a little girl through the entire ceremony. awww! 🙂
  3. jesse wears white flip flops under her gown that say ‘just married’ on the vinyl strap.
  4. jamaican rum fruitcake.
  5. open bar.

after the wedding we sort of relaxed, then andrew, stef, jon, eric and i went down town for big wig’s second-to-last hurrah. i mostly was reminded of the reasons why i don’t go to clubs unless i’m really pumped to go (and not sort of sleepy), but i was glad to not be just sitting around watching my 2 cable stations and eating cheetos. all said, it was a pretty weird birthday. i guess this coming weekend (home with the family) will feel more birthday-like. ugh, how can i be 23? i am almost to mid-twenties. ick.

yesterday bocci, eric and i hung out and had some grilled sausages and stuff. then we played another round of dvd pop culture trivial pursuit. i did not dominate like the last time we played, instead eric and mike spent the better part of an hour circling the middle trying to win. after many rolls of the die eric finally won. at least i’ve beaten him once. high five ian! (*smack*)