Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

friday night we all got together to watch ‘return of the jedi’ at ben’s. it was good but jon was pretty disappointed by the special edition stuff that he had forgotten about (read: tuned out in horror). we were all pretty pissed when we saw that last shot of obi-wan and yoda. you know, the one where anakin appears and you’re all ‘awww, everything’s ok! he’s forgiven! he’s even wearing his jedi clothes.’ except that instead of sebastian shaw, the same dude as you see when luke pulls off vader’s mask (but in better shape), you see…hayden christensen with long hair.


first of all, sebastian must feel TOTALLY shafted that he was cut out of that scene. secondly…hayden christensen is not an old man. they did not even attempt to make him look like an old man, they just put a wig on him. wtf? i was reading ‘premiere‘ this weekend and they had an article about the 50 most disturbing moments in the history of film. jar jar came in at like #7. this craptastic star wars moment would’ve beat jar jar out, hands down. what is wrong with lucas? can’t he just leave his shit alone? i can understand going back and cleaning up some of the cg and adding in some more creatures and environments…but actually changing characters? WTF??!?!

anyway, post-jedi eric, jon, kate and i hung out at eric & jon’s and watched some late-night comedy central and cartoon network. saturday (and sunday…and a lot of other days this past week, come to think of it), i have been helping jon kill zombies and hunters in ‘resident evil – code: veronica x‘ by being scared and excited and cheering and saying ‘watch out!’ and stuff. also i get to read hints aloud! it is awesome! it’s like being a part of a movie. i watched the ‘enterprise‘ premiere, which ben was kind enough to tape for me…and it was…weird. but good.

The Libertines/Radio 4

saturday night was the libertines concert, with radio 4 as the opener. no pete, but man could those bands rock. we got to the metro early enough to get a good spot right in the front row of the balcony. radio 4 was a nice surprise – i would definately see these guys again live. you might know radio 4’s song ‘dance to the underground’ from the mitsubishi commercial where a guy looks like he is singing along to the song but is actually repeating a grocery list over and over. the libertines (whose website seems to always be down, thus, no link) were AWESOME. they mostly played songs from their first album; i was sort of disappointed that they didn’t play ‘music when the lights go out.’ they put on a great show and really got the crowd moving. at least, those parts of the crowd that weren’t too busy worrying about whether they looked cool or not. you know the type of people i mean. oh! there were also these jerks down on the floor that kept slam dancing and when one guy tried to protect himself, a guy smacked him across the back of the head! not cool! it was my first time at the metro and i am really glad that we got a good spot, otherwise i wouldn’t have been able to see anything and i probably wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the concert as much.

after the show eric and i hustled over to will, steve and jeremy’s place for a long-awaited housewarming. since the concert went on so long we got there as things were winding down. i got to sample the famous (or…infamous?) Beckley Punch, which is alleged to ‘make girls want to take their clothes off.’ it was pretty good. kate and josh came by too and we spent most of the time talking about music and who knows what else while passing around a bowl of doritos. i couldn’t remember the last time i’d had doritos and they were even more glorious than i had remembered. also i hadn’t eaten since about 3. josh gave eric and i a ride back to eric’s and then eric and jon and i starting talking in the kitchen about lots of random stuff. eric went to bed (he’s been fighting a cold) and jon and i stayed up until almost 7am talking about…basically everything!

sunday eric and i were going to try to catch ‘i ♥ huckabees‘ but i was feeling blah from staying up so late and eric was sort of hung over, so i ended up ‘playing’ resident evil with jon while eric took care of other things. we ordered some thai/japanese and then watched ‘desperate housewives’ which is a really entertaining show. eric and i walked to the 7 eleven at about 10:30 for some ice cream and spent the rest of the night watching adult swim. i don’t know how i feel about sealab’s new captain. he’s sort of…not as funny as murphy.

Happy Birthday Eric!

today is canadian thanksgiving so cecile is throwing this insane dinner at her place tonight with all kinds of food and…mm…pie. also andrew is spinning at danny’s tonight (where eric and i had one of our first dates. awwww!). on top of all of that…today is eric‘s birthday! he is 25. happy birthday!