so far tivo is pretty great. the dvr only has one tuner though, but i got it for free so i’m not complaining. so far the tivo suggestions thing has known that i like mythbusters and has recorded a really good episode of the cosby show for me. the best part, actually is the rewinding of live tv. now if i see, oh, say a really funny bumper on adult swim, i don’t have to make a lame attempt to explain it to eric, i can just show him. hooray for tivo!

i finally have all of my photos transfered to flickr, and buying a flickr pro account plus downgrading my hosting plan (no more hosting all of those photos on my server) is saving me a few bucks a year. i am quite impressed with flickr’s tag system and notes. also i’ve already had some of my photos tagged as favorites by people i’ve never met! so far i think this is a far more interesting way to make new acquaintences online than social-networking sites like friendster and myspace. thanks ian!